Campaign for Ecology

Druid Spirituality isn’t just about improving your own life: it’s about making a difference to the world too, it’s about becoming enviromentally responsible.

You can just imagine how the world would be if each of us was enviromentally responsible - when each of us made sure we didn’t pollute our surroundings and we took care about the nature that gives us an opportunity to live in a healthy way. It would be a very different world from the one we see around us today.

But it’s hard for us to take responsibility when the problems are so massive. We would rather say that it’s governmental issue than to do something by ourselves.So the campaign that I organized aimed to protect enviroment. We started from Aghavnadzor and collected trash, bottles, papers and etc. to keep clean our nature. Everybody felt proud of themselves and I think they will take part in the next one.


Very good idea!

I am very happy that in Armenia there are people like you, who care about environment. It’s one of the most important issues in Armenia today, as we destroy forests and trees just for self satisfaction… It makes me really upset. If every person starts such a nice initiatives as you did , our country would be much better! Thanks for caring!

Thank you Dear Anna)

Shushi hi, just came across your post, like Anna I’m very surprised and happy to see young people so thoughtful of nature.

While in Yerevan last month the nature & health lovers even held a session on lifestyle improvements we can make, from taking eco tours or cycling to celebrating international days via flashmobs to raise awareness, anything you find useful?

Curious what is the name of the initiative and if you documented it somewhere with photos or links?

Hi Noemi

Hi Dear Noemi, ya I think that young people should be responsible for their enviroment. I started campaigns since I was 15 years old, so that time we didn’t know a lot of things about internet))) Now when I organize campaigns like this I take photos and have them in my computer, but unfortunately I don’t have any links to provide you with that information, but I can post some photos.


hello and welcome on board !

nice initiative @shushi   , is it an ongoing thing or what are the next steps , can u please provide us with some links for ur initiative :slight_smile:

also there are lots of talks about green spaces and environmental activism from Georgia and Egypt , here is a post about mapping green spaces in Tbilisi , I think u already know about vake park ,

so do u think any possible collaboration could happen between Georgia and Armenian in this issue :slight_smile: will u be able to make it to the event in Tbilisi

Thank you

Hi @hazem, thanks for attention, here in Armenia we have a lot of beautiful places which are spoiled because of trash, so my next steps will be such a new activities like this campaign to prevent nature from pollution. Like in Armenia , in Georgia there are a lot of nice places too, so I think that we can easly collaborate about this issue. I think that I can tell you about my project and next steps and also I can offer some ideas for the same issue in Georgia.