Futurespotters workshop Yerevan - outcomes of the work of one of the 3 groups, with the theme "Inspire people to take on good habits of healthy lifestyle."


Inspire people to take on good habits.


Rimus, Marina, Georgi, Andranik, Vahagn

1st part:

What are the resources we have?:


  • you just need nothing to sport, only the knowledge about the exercising, if it’s about the sports
  • internet or books – plenty of rules for sport games playing together, it binds fun/learning/physical education
  • more or less easy access to materials that no one needs, to use for different upcycling ideas
  • material sharing, swapping initiatives in social networks like Facebook etc
  • car-sharing – I have a car that  don’t need to use tomorrow so if you need my car I offer my car at this day at this time, to use
  • easy hitchhiking
  • receipts for gluten free bread
  • empty houses, especially in the regions


  • it’s quite accessible – the healthy food. The environment is fine we need more organizing, than money,
  • There are organizations that promote healthy lifestyle
  • A state strategy
  • GEF – a grant by UNDP, provide financial support to environmental projects, it’s not that complicated to get one, it’s for organizations that have environmental projects as a priority by their charter
  • Car sharing for UK
  • Zipcar (cooperative car sharing)


  • Social media
  • Personal communications (work, friends)
  • I have a bicycle – I can teach people how to cycle
  • Time – 10 hours a week
  • Vegetarian food receipts
  • Knowledge of difference between vegetarian and non vegetarian food


  • Every week in winter many people were swimming in mountain river
  • Also open sauna near the river, that has a great anti-stress and cleansing effect
  • Tai Chi
  • Time – 6 hours a week besides what I already teach
  • Gyurjiev dances, we can be supported by his story
  • There is a master, who recently offered to teach metal crafts (silver) of Gyurjiev times to people that are now learning Gyurjiev dances with me (master’s name is master levon)
  • The special tent for open air sauna
  • The knowledge how to organize the wind inside the open air sauna
  • I make chocolate candies without sugar
  • And I am specialist of soft furniture, I can teach it


  • Cycling activists – human resource
  • My bicycle that I can use for promoting the cycling lifestyle, and for teaching to cycle
  • My knowledge of holistic lifestyle, yoga, vegetarian food diet etc
  • My experience of teaching yoga, my yoga hall in the center of Yerevan,
  • Experience of organizing eco-tours in nature in Armenia and elsewhere
  • My networks (eco) in Armenia and abroad, that can support the local activities
  • All my time, I am freelancing, and I have a lot of energy
  • my grandfather’s house in the region in north of Armenia

2nd part: 

What steps would we take to use those resources?


  • I can teach to whoever wants (tried t sell it didn’t really work, so I prefer to give it away to friends)
  • Hiking


  • Teach how to cycle
  • Organize events using social media (facebook)
  • Go to restaurants and offer them to pay attention to the differences between different kinds of vegetarianism so it will be easier for the people to order the right thing they wantr.


  • Drafting the goal that we have in mind – do we want people to be healthy? Do we want to be comfortable in the society where I personally have the healthy lifestyle?
  • Set the goal and then to draft the strategy.
  • we need to have a very clear understanding In the long run
  • find a role model, including politicians, that can be an example for the society
  • make a tournament between politicians and the simple people to see who cycles best?
  • Parallel campaigns here and abroad
  • See what is going on in the world and join in parallel
  • Find an empty house and make a yoga retreat


  • Try to ask 100 emtpy house owners to see if any of them agree to offer the space to people for free
  • Maybe print some stickers and spread in the city


  • maybe organize a letter from UNDP office workers to the Yerevan municipality workers inviting them for a cycling event?
  • Try to connect Armenians to foreigners that have similar visions and can inspire / support / collaborate
  • Stencil art / graffiti with messages
  • Social media campaign,
  • Stickers,
  • Cycling together (UNDP and municipality etc)
  • Hiking
  • Join different international days, political events, so to become a media event yourself, using the hash tags
  • Tournaments and competitions are always really good to mobilize the people

3rd part:

Creative call for participation:

Hello crazy people! Hello smart people! Hello out there! Hello beautiful people!

We invite you to cycle to the gorge nearby together, to swim in the refreshing (without an adjective (like fucking freezing) mountain giver, to Get a sun bath near the river, to eat great healthy food, to drink miraculous mountain tea made with sun instead of boiling, to do yoga, to some land art, to watch a movie outdoor, to play some music and games and to share knowledge about surviving in nature.

What we want is to do it locally and globally at the same time. How? You do it where you are, we do it where we are, we just start together at the same time, and maybe we exchange our stories and pictures / sounds / videos along the way, so we really share the stuff and inspire each other? So this is a call for an international flash-mob to be done in as many countries as possible! Are you joining?

(Maybe we could also make some bird houses?:))

You can bring in whatever you want / have / feel like such as:

  • Musical instruments
  • healthy food
  • herbal or other tea
  • anything else that you feel like bringing...