Can you change your mind? "Destroy Your Idea" workshop proposal for #LOTE5

How often do we get frustrated because other people don’t want to see things the way we see them?

How annoying is it that we can’t get others to just understand that our opinion is logical?

It might just be because we our all stuborn and prefer to not change our minds. That’s why Antiheroes (@ireinga and me) propose a 2-hour-session called ‘Destroy Your Idea’, were we speeddate our way into trying to have our minds changed.

What to bring: a statement that you absolutely 100% agree with and get very agitated about when others disagree. For example: for me it would be when people end discussions with ‘there is no wrong or right, there is just different interpretations’. This drives me mad. It can also be ‘closing the borders of Europe is a bad move for our virtues and values’ or ‘nuclear energy is the best solution to no longer depend on fossil fuels’.

Then we will put ourselves through the exercise of letting other people debunk our statement and see whether we ourselves are capable of changing our minds.

Can be an interesting tool to unfail endless debates and going-nowhere-discussions.

Who is in?

Date: 2015-02-26 23:00:00 - 2015-02-26 23:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.


Love this

…but how do I sign up? We should be making a funnel ASAP.

Convert session proposals into events?

Not sure how this works with the automated feeds though, only for posts or everything in that group?

No other way that I know of…

Currently I see the social media feed picks both posts and events type content, so conversion into events seems to be great. Other than that, we’ll keep asking people to upload their sessions as events, so by the time it ends up on social media there is a way to signal attendance.

Like in LOTE4!

Like we did for LOTE4:

Know about the spectrum exercise?

It’s a fun way to get this started. You pick up a strong statement, and pick out to corners in a room…one for “totally disagree” and another for “totally agree”. Then ask participants to place themselves somewhere on the line between the two ends. Once people settle, ask each person to describe why they chose to stand where they are. Conversation kicks off nicely without oo much time spent on chairs (which always gets me restless anyway).