Capacity Building as overarching theme at LOTE

It is no coincidence that Lote3 happens in Matera, the cradle of the first unMonastery ever and is dated close to the launch. The underlying reason is that Edgeryders is leveling up its organisational power to support projects from the community in a more structured and concise way, empowering members to reach out to resources.

We think we know how to do that. Between the last community event and today, at least two projects have been kicking off: the unMonastery in Matera and the Economy as an App, winner of the European Social Innovation Prize! Just like they happened, other things can happen. Netention, or Expedition Freedom or Democracy Camp Europe can happen. It is precisely that people now standing on brink of doing interesting stuff can cross the threshold if better equipped and supported by the community. How can we help you?

  • it is easier to pitch clients because of our expert feedback and information about how to pursue leads.
  • if you need corporate vehicle we can give it to you, as there is now an Edgeryders functional organisation backing you up in applications for funding.
  • If you need to show action on your website or project page we can show it though the community social media team. Even as a one man or one woman show you can think of yourself as a semi-autonomous agent within an organisation.

The Edgeryders Guide to Making Your Projects Happen.

All the above needs capacity building and upskilling so we can help each other and know where to reach out to community resources. We want people to use Edgeryders as a platform and pool of knowledge for making your own interesting, meaningful project happen. This can mean investing a few hours into becoming an effective twitter swarm, learning how to cross pollinate ideas from several platforms, being more effective in launching participation calls for your idea and scouting community talents to work with you. You can test such skills before the conference and onsite, and you can ask for help from community or through the company. In order to have all of these in one place we decided to aim for a concrete outcome of Lote3: building together a Guide to Making Projects Happen, a toolkit containing documentation of methodology, new kinds of knowledge and skillsets to be deployed in particular situations, as well as adequate organisational structures on how to access existing resources.

How do I get involved?

Participating in LOTE is an opportunity for you to improve the skills you already have, pick up new skills you need in order to be better at getting your projects off the ground. You can also help others in scaling their projects’ impact.

We know from past events that a lot of resources go into preparing an experience that is deemed meaningful by participants and into curating a program that has concrete outcomes, so better to get those in advance!

  1. Commit to come & do it early. If we get funding, the people who pledge first are first in line to get funded travels. Registration for LOTE3 happens on the Edgeryders website by updating your user profile with information about your attendance. If you are not already registered on the platform, sign up here.

  2. Make it yours. From conceptualisation to when we throw open the event doors,  LOTE is co-designed by you, members of the Edgeryders community. Do you have topic suggestions? Want to propose yourself or someone you want to invite as a speaker? Got skills to offer in organizing the event? Want to use the event to create your own job? Make sure you fill in this information when registering, on your profile.