CAPS community events: so we want to go?

We have received an invitation from the CAPS programme officer, Fabrizio Sestini.

Dear CAPS project coordinators,

I am seeking your help in order to organise the next events, which will bring together the CAPS community and create awareness about your activities. Our plans currently include:

  • On May 18th, in BERLIN, just before the start of the European Citizen Science Conference: a "CAPS Community meeting and workshop" aiming at sharing results and gathering ideas (in an interactive style, world café/open space) for the next workprogramme. Given its collocation, it would be more focused on participatory approaches to solve environmental challenges, collaborative making, or collaborative consumption, benefiting from sensors, community networks and distributed architectures for decentralised data governance.
  • On June 29th, in BRUSSELS: a workshop on Digital Social Innovation organised by the DSI4EU coordination and support action in order to present success stories an give policy recommendations to the EU on how best to address the related challenges in future policy and research actions. This would probably be particularly relevant for strongly policy-oriented areas such as open democracy, open policy making, collaborative economy.
  • In November or later (date and place to be defined), a very large conference to showcase the CAPS approaches in all different areas. This will be organised by the CHIC coordination and support action, which unfortunately has not started yet.

For the next two events, and in particular for the Berlin one, I am urgently seeking your advice and help in order to define its detailed agenda. Can you please let me know, as soon as possible (by next week), which of these events you are planning to attend, with how many people, and the main subjects you would like to present/discuss at them?

I suggest:

  1. Attending the Berlin conference. In my opinion, the most interesting aspect of OpenCare so far is its engagement model, already quite deeply embedded in the workings of many communities quite far-removed from the EU, so we could present that. I suggest a very honest presentation, admitting the differences in narratives and working styles out there. 
  2. Skipping the Brussels seminar. I don't think it's relevant to us.
  3. Definitely attending the November conference. I think originally they wanted to do this in Lisbon in September, back-to-back with a W3C event, but probably they are late with this CHIC thing and need to reschedule. That's the important one. 

Works? Who wants to go to Berlin? From the Edgeryders side, Nadia (and UDK students) is a natural. Others among you who want to dip their foot into Euro research stuff and are not afraid of… conventional conferencing are welcome. For @markomanka in particular it might be worth it.

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I can go to the one in Berlin

This spring is all about Berlin for me anyway, why not just add another stop :slight_smile:

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See if you can bring Local Motors along

They are also in touch with the swedish drone guy, I dug out a while ago. I posted some content on LM recently. If you can get them to come, I might muddle my way there as well. Although currently things are still a little topsy turvy on my end. I try will manage to connect on a OpenCare call at some point though. I dearly hope!

OpenCare presentation and fact sheet on CAPS website

Hi everyone,

The official CAPS projects website lacks information about the OpenCare project. I made up two documents (a presentation + a fact sheet) which will be sent to the EC for publication. If you want to have a look at them and even re-use them, they are stored under the OpenCare Admin folder on the OpenCare drive.

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Good for me!

Thanks, Luce. Also, in the absence of any input from others, We go ahead with Nadia going tothe Berlin CAPS event, I guess alone at this point. @melancon or you, @LuceChiodelliUB, could you answer Fabrizio’s email so he makes space for us in the program?

Done !