Our session at the CAPS community event

Hello all, OpenCare is participating in the CAPS comunity event in Berlin, May 18th 2016. It works by panels, that last 90 minutes and collect about 8 projects each (agenda). Probably best to think in terms of a 5 minutes presentation: no more than 5 slides.

I suggest:

  • Slide 1: how engagement produces research results (the main visualization in the proposal).
  • Slide 2: a list if instruments (social media, offline workshops, the fellowships program) taken from our engagement strategy.
  • Slide 3: a network visualization of the conversation as of now. Care of @melancon. Ideally interactive, but static image also OK.
  • Slide 4: name 2-3 of the most amazing stories we have found (Helliniko, Benin, The Jungle...).
  • Slide 5: "big picture" calendar (care of Alberto). 

Works, @Nadia?