Challenge Intro: Bring on the allies

Finding work – especially meaningful and interesting work – can be difficult. It requires skill, resources, information. Many people find it hard to make this journey alone; having someone to help with advice, information, financial or moral support can make a lot of difference. Use this mission to tell your fellow Edgeryders about the people who help and support you.

  • Who are your allies? Is anything or anyone playing a positive role? Maybe your family, an institution or a venture capitalist? A mentor? Your peers, maybe?

  • How are they supporting you?

  • Is anyone encouraging you to take some risks towards more fulfilling, interesting, better paid work? Or are people around you recommending that you take the safest route?

Count me in! How do I participate?

It’s easy! submit your contribution by clicking on the “DO THIS MISSION NOW” button look up to your right on this page.This will open a WYSIWYG editor where you can write about your experiences.

If you´re not already signed in to the Edgeryders platform you can do it here.

Like all missions, this one is worth 250 reputation, but extra points are awarded for great content.

Start now! Or get the bigger picture on Making a living.


  • As always, tell your fellow Edgeryders the facts (who is helping you by doing what) as well as your interpretation
  • You can write as much as you want; about 400 words should be enough.
  • You can write in any language. If you are comfortable with it, try writing in English: most people on Edgeryders can read and write it at least a little.