Challenge Intro: First lessons in work

Transitioning from school to work generally opens up a whole new world. As much as we’d like to believe we are prepared, we discover things we were not taught in the classroom, such as dealing with work relations (often hierarchical); managing conflicts or competition; group dynamics that not only differ from our previous experience, but differ from one work place to another.

This is a mission touching upon the learning challenges and lessons of the first work, and asks that you describe an experience where you made the first step into any new work, learning for the first time ‘on the job’. You may have been employed, or an intern, or being mentored, or trying to develop a project of your own, or made a transition from studying a profession to practicing it.

  • How were you guided by others more experienced than yourself? How did you feel about the challenge? Was it challenging enough? Did anything go wrong and did you learn anything from it? What might have helped you learn more quickly? You can describe your own experience, or someone else’s, or both. More stories will earn you more points!

Good for you: Take this mission to reflect on what you have learned and how you grew outside of school, and feel good about yourself. It’s something that’s far from being easy!

Good for everyone: Your reflection can help those that are younger to know what to expect and better prepare for their first work experience, lower or increase expectations accordingly; plus, you may just become a mentor for one of us Edgeryders!

Like all missions, this one is worth 250 reputation, with extra points awarded for great content.

Count me in! How do I participate?

It’s easy! You could just send us your reflections in an email to:

If however you’d like to share your insights as part of a conversation with people from all over Europe,

please sign in to the Edgeryders platform here.

And then submit your contribution by clicking on the “DO THIS MISSION NOW” button look up to your right on this page.This will open a WYSIWYG editor where you can write about your experiences.

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