Edgeryders' new campaign: Learning

Spring is looking up for Edgeryders, as we make the next step in unlocking strategies for transition ! As of this week we’re looking into how young and not so young people experience learning as a complex process that is not restricted to schooling, rather it expands over our lifespans.

In times when education systems all across Europe are plagued with decreasing public expenditure, when returns on investments are getting lower and lower, when the value of university diploma is no longer a passport to finding work or to a privileged status, Europeans may have to reconsider the purpose of getting an education. Other sociocultural contexts - from out-of-school mobility programs to work, family and social learning - can prove to be real drivers for gaining the skills and competencies we need to grow into knowledgeable citizens.

With this in mind, Edgeryders set to discover what learning aspirations and experiences are creating value for young people and should be counted in by policy designers? Learning is a BIG topic, we know. So we’ve broken it down into a number of small missions (challenges) that you can do on your own, or together with others. Participating is easy! You just pick a mission and follow the simple instructions on the page:

  • Reality check - Which skills do you really need and how, where, with the help of whom are you learning them?... learn more!
  • Happiness and education - What is the real purpose of education?... learn more!
  • First lessons in work - Learning challenges of being new at the job... learn more!
  • The classroom on the wire - Test drive online learning!... learn more!

I will leave you with this video illustrating the groundbreaking thesis of Sir Ken Robinson. Like me, you probably saw it circulating online and through social networks, but seeing it over and over again is just as worthwhile!