Challenge Intro: Surviving Recruitment

Have you ever sat through a job interview or a job recruitment written test? Many young people do that – a lot!

  • Tell us about your experience!

  • What do you think the recruiters were looking for (skills, potential, leadership, qualifications)? What kind of skills do you think the recruiters valued (technical vs. relational/human)?

  • Do you think the best candidates get picked up in the end, or does it feel like a lottery, where chance plays a large role?

You can answer these questions yourself or complete the mission by interviewing someone else.

This mission is worth 250 reputation, with extra points awarded for great content. Start now by creating a topic here, or on “Making a Living”.


  • tell us the facts (what happened) as well as your opinions (what you think)

  • the mission report can be as long as you want, and in any language