Change Culture

Session proposal for futurepotters international event in Tbilisi


What if changing the world can be Fast, Free, and Fun? What if Government, Businesses, Local NGOs, Community Residents, and Volunteers we able to work together to realize Common Dreams? What if entrepreneurs were able to work directly with people in less privileged communities, to understand their needs and come up with solutions that make real difference?

The content

The Oasis Game is a participatory asset based community development methodology. It has for mission: “To propel a movement to make the world we all dream of a reality, NOW!”

You are invited to go through the 7 discipline created by Elos Institute, with a practical

1. Appreciative Gaze

2. Affection

3. Dream

4. Care

5. Miracle

6. Celebration

7. Re-Evolution


Presentation, and a game.


Those who want to change the world, in a joyful way.

Call for community involvement

I would love to facilitate an Oasis Game for free, after the Edgeryders’ event in an underprivileged are in Tbilisi. If anyone is interested get in touch with me to discuss the preparations.

PS: There will be more developments and modifications to the proposal in the coming days.

Date: 2014-06-23 20:00:00 - 2014-06-26 20:00:00, Asia/Tbilisi Time.

can I?

Hi Dina, I am trying to connect with you, may be I can help you what do you think? :slight_smile: if ok plz give me more details

looking forward to it and waiting for the modification in the text

if u have some recommended reading also that would be great , not for the session sake but in general .

have u read this post about the small charitable CBOs  , it is some how related to ur BIG question about the “working together” thing and there is lots of limitations for that , but also lots of possibilities don’t know what do u think about that , and u also @monarezk as u work in an environmental NGO 

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nice post Hazem

@hazem , sorry for being late :slight_smile: I need to read it one more time :slight_smile:

look we can find a common item between your Idea and @Dina 's  , my be after mapping poor families as a part of improving of their economic state , we can meet some of them who in the same neighborhood and use the Idea of oasis game  to empowering them and let them do it themselves and never need any aides from any body .

they have their dreams & ambitions  and may be solution of some problems they do to sustain their lives , let us know in the mapping issue that fatma who lives in somewhere have 3 kids no husband no work and she aims to do something " …" but she didnt know how ,  this thing we may help here to know how to do it  . may be fund her project from CBO’s donation :slight_smile:

sure dina

yes @Dina I can come to meet you at Cairo any time :slight_smile: , I think I can help as a member of the Ngo of Ain Elbee’ah  may be we can take it as example of collaboration , it’s success projects  and unsuccessful trails  and may be I can help as me " architect , environmental designer "  , may be can help with some Ideas in environmental issues . for " boss 7awallak "  yes I’d like to talk about as it was like gaming and how to design our thinking & have fun , If it will be effective in your workshop :slight_smile:

dina did you know about this ?

hi @dina this FB page I found , called mini medina .