Change the hashtag?

Living On The Edge is also the name of a Pakistani TV reality show (wikipedia). While it has been going on for a while, it seems this year the Pakistani middle class has taken to Twitter. The result is a lot of noise in the #LOTE hashtag, that last year we had to ourselves.

Though I hate to do it, maybe it’s best to change the hashtag to #LOTE3, to give people interested in the unPilgrimage a better experience. What do you guys think?

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Definitely. We first went with Lote3, then Nadia suggested Lote and seemed easier for everyone in past and present attendance, now we’ll make the effort.

Do we need to add LOTE3 specific hashtag # when doing searches in apps and other tools we use so that it doesn’t include Lote findings? For example I’m testing with epilogger and hopefully it’ll get rid of the noise

What we do need is redesigning some of the flyers, including this one on your right side of the page. Any volunteers? We have the filed in Adobe Illustrators if someone wants to take a shot… it should be a 1 minute task.

I could do this task, I’m

I could do this task, I’m going to try to get illustrator.

For now I only have indesign and photoshop,

Great! Let’s go

Ok, [pacheca], thanks for the generous offer. It will be an opportunity for you to learn how we organize tasks. You already learned the first part: people volunteer, just like you did now. What we did NOT do after the discussion in the post is to formalize it in a task. A task is a unit of content (units of content are called nodes in Drupalspeak) on the website that can be (1) assigned to a person and (2) marked open, in progress, postponed, done etc.

I created this task and assigned it to you. Like other kinds of nodes, tasks are commentable and editable. Edit it or comment it if you want to write down things that others might be interested in, or to ask for help (in this case the best is to use a person’s [quote], putting the person’s username between square brackets. This tells the website to send them an email notification). Edit it also to set its status to “done” when you are finished.

We borrowed this method from open source software programmers, who are very good at decentralized collaboration. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the introduction, [Alberto]!

Think I got it, still couldn’t find the files to change LOTE to LOTE3!..

Went looking in the google drive, but I didn’t saw anything…

did I miss it? or where can I get them? are the files all in the same doc? (thanks)

Ok, I’m really glad !! learning how to create a task, but mostly feeling that I have so much to learn ahead!

about “nodes”, and the universe Drupal, and all this stuff that I’ve been listening you guys discussing possibilities, and details. uau!

Let’s Go!

Dropbox folder

Hi Rita,

thanks for taking up this task, here are the files, feel free to play :-)


Ok, mulțumesc! :- )