Redesign the sidebar #LOTE logo to #LOTE3

With reference to this post, change the lconference logo to reflect the new hashtag: #LOTE3 instead of #LOTE.

Ok, the files are updated.

Had to make some options, on the LOTE3_TwitterAvatar_Template, to include the “3”.

Hope the adjustments, made with Edgeryders graphic concept in mind, make any sense to you.

Let me know if there is any correction or suggestion, and I’ll do it! ;- )

the zip. file can be downloaded here.

ps. Is there any place on website, where one can put an archive folder.

How do you usually share folders, for instance?

Within the “file brouser” in user’s area, the upload of a zip. file is not allowed.

(wanting to adjust to the usual way of doing things on Edgryders community, thanks!)


Thank you!

That was fast! I got your latest one (downloaded here) with improved font and it looks good. many many thanks again <3 Already changed the Edgeryders and my own twitter avatar :-)

As far as I’m concerned you can close this task - > just set it to DONE, unless someone else here has things to add.

Great! ;- )