Changing profession

I am a biologist, I wanted to be a biologist since I am 12. I had an amazing biology teacher in high school and I was fascinated by every topic she was teaching me: human body, animals, vegetation, biochemical processes etc.
So I started university and completed with a Master Degree in Biology. But during my university years I realized that what I am studying and what actually the daily routine of a biologist looks like doesn’t interest me anymore as much as I thought it would, but despite of this I finished my studies.
After I had the Degree in my hand I needed to find a job and didn’t find the way out of this career anymore.
I worked more than 7 years as biologist until my life situation made me change country and quit my job.
I currently live in the Czech Republic, where I am severely limited in finding a good job by not speaking the local language. I took the bests which were avaible for me, in which I didn’t need Czech language skills. I tried more and not surprisingly these jobs didn’t fulfill me eighter. But this difficult situation had a big positive effect, by giving me a push for change and finally make a deceision to start learning something completely new, which interests me for a long time, and this is dance therapy.
Dance always played a very important role in my life and I’m also extremely interested in psychology and mental health. I’ve been thinking about it for a few years now that beeing a dance therapist could be the profession I have real passion for, let’s say my true calling, but I needed to be in this challanging work situation to finally make the first step of changing profession.
Now I have 2,5 years of intense training ahead of me before I get a qualification as dance therapist followed by the real work of building up a new career from a sketch. I beleive that this is the path I need to follow, but also feel the pressure of time. I’m not 19 any more, like when I started my first studies, I need to make my own living and also need to think about starting a family soon. I regret the time I wasted so far but hope nothing is completely lost.

Thank you for your post!
Believe me, I know how that feels…going thru the same myself.
I think we didn’t waste the time we were doing the professions we believed was the right one. Now, this has changed and we are on a new path! Exciting one, bringing fresh wind in our lives…and the experience you got in your old profession cannot be taken away from you; even if you needed to go thru this old profession only to discover/confirm, that another one is the one to go for!!

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Hello Bogi and thank you very much for sharing your story, which immediately reminded me of @zalesjan’s experience he shared here Pozdravy z Brna! aneb kde se vzal, tu se vzal…well as he already said himself:) I fully agree with what he said, I myself had various ideas of what to do in life and do not really regret anything I tried so far (including being an aspiring though not that good musician), despite the fact that it may seem not to apply in my current career as a historian (I guess that is what I could call myself). Dance therapy sounds quite exciting and I have not much of a concrete idea about it - do I understand correctly that you can and you do study a program in the Czech republic in this field?

Only partly. The main training is in Budapest (my hometown) on the weekends, so I need to travel a lot. But I also attend on dance therapy workshops in the Czech Republic, which are in english. These workshops are not organized by the same institute as the Budapest training, but are very usefull as supplementation.

Wow, quite some moving around - but as you say getting multiple inouts is mostly a beneficial thing to do.

Yeah, that’s for sure. And I enjoy being international a lot :slight_smile: