CHE FARE Application


I’m “on the road” until Wednesday marooning… I will get into this first thing on Wed

Thank you!

Great: that’s good because by then I will have finished the 2d draft of the application, ready for community revision + sending it in to comitato Matera2019 for inputs!

Graphic design

[pacheca] [Rita O] and whoever else wants: these are the next steps for the Che Fare application:

  • for Wednesday: finishing the writing for peer review
  • for Friday: getting all the inputs back from people (also from Committee Matera 2019)
  • on Sunday: uploading everything 
  • Monday: deadline

I am traveling tomorrow morning, but can Skype in the afternoon/evening. Are we up for a G Hangout?

20.00h/20.30h GMT this evening


Ok, this means that the image should be done tomorrow.

(I can dedicate tomorrow morning to do this)

I imagine it will be something very simple, as we’re almost out of time…

This afternoon it’s not possible, but I can meet from 20.00h/20.30h GMT this evening.

Say if it is good for you!



Dear [pacheca], just got home. Who said Italy was in Europe? :slight_smile: Okay for 20 on Skype? GHangout?

Skype: ilaria.dauria


Didn’t work?


[pacheca], something probably went wrong?

I am spending tomorrow to work on Che Fare, then sending everything for peer-to-peer review both to Edgeryders and Comitato.

I realize I really don’t have graphic skills, so it’s more about taking the lead on the communication issue linked to the voting part ecc.

If tomorrow you have some time, I will be online.

Hope to hear from you, love!

Ok, tomorrow we’ll speak!

Oh Ilaria, I’m sorry… but GMT was now.

Ok, tomorrow we’ll speak, no problem.

(Portugal is the same time zone of England, it is an hour earlier than Italy ;- ) )

​see you tomorrow! :wink:

feedback, please - this post is being updated

Hi Guys,

Please give some me feedback about this possible photomontage…

I can´t say anymore if it works or not… need your help!

@ilariadauria @ben @nadia @caroline @tiago @noemi @nat @marilena @alberto


B. (this is the latest update that was made)



Dearest @pacheca, I don’t know why but I only see one image: so for me it’s excellent!

There is not much time for change anyways, and I feel we all gave our max with the time we had.

Let’s see what others say, and then I will start uploading stuff from tomorrow morning.

Does that seem like a plan?


@ilariadauria Ok, great! I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

(Yes, there was only one image, sorry …)

Now there are two images again … just moved the text up a bit …

Anyway, should I look for two other images?

Photographs that could work with the concept? … or is it possible to apply with only one image?

I like the ohotomontages!


I like the immagines. Yes I prefer also the second one. :slight_smile:

Maybe you would try to move al little bit on left the writtens. But Just a 1or 2 millimeters to balance it. If you have time try it  and check if it works better.

Anyway, I like it Rita! :slight_smile:

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some improvements, is it done?

Mari Mari! :slight_smile: Made what you suggested and some other little improvements.

“hey you people out there!” what do you think … is it done?

Dear @ilariadauria! you need me to find two more images, or is the application possible with just one image, at this point?

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[pacheca] que lindo! It’s perfect as it is. I’ll put in two other images from the LOTE3 event and then we will just have to cross finger. We won’t be selected for the graphic design - at this point. If we are shortlisted, than the Social Media strategy and graphic design become much more important, and we can be really creative as we will have to maintain momentum for 2 whole months (I was thinking we could actually create a story which evolves…). So I just download the image and upload it on the bid’s platform right?

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:- )

Hey, that’s so good!  ;- )

I’m so happy that you feel that way. yes!

Everything good, in this last sprint Ilara!

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Hey guys,

Rita I liked the second one (01) most.

Do you have the pictures as separate files? Can I see if I can do something too(if its ok for all of you)? I am not good at graphics but want to give it a try.

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The abstract is starting to look good!

Good work, @ilariadauria!

The business model part is still quite weak.


[Alberto], the BMC part is not only weak… it’s down right boring. I was missing the big picture. Something just went click in my head: I was too focused on the unMon and Matera, forgetting about the core resouce of the unMonastery: collective intelligence applied with hacker approach to problem solving.

  • Gimme just a couple of hours to write it out and I'll be back to you all with it for feedback. If the unMonastery is a prototype, might as well use a prototyping approach to BM design
  • Concerning the rough budget, I thought about creating an online spreadsheet with voices such with different measures (not only in €, but also calories, GB, hours, kg...) dunno if that works, but it's the best thing I can think of right now. 
  • another thing (but maybe this is more a reflection for our unArchivist [Ben]: shouldn't their be weekly session during the residencies of "building the unMon" as in budget, BMC? Something that keeps track of quantities of food, of heating, of material used and needed? Or am I going to far?

Did some work on the GDocs

I did some work on it on the Italian Google Doc. it’s getting quite confusing, because this part is here in Italian, it’s got its own wiki on Edgeryders in English, and is also on the GDoc in Italian. I did not get to the very end, but did write the value proposition. See if you can use it.

The “in kind budget” would be really cool, but realistically you can’t do it in the time frame you’ve left. I recommend letting it go.


Che Fare Application sent 1 day and 9 hours before deadline :slight_smile:

Thank you [Alberto] [pacheca] and all the others who made this possible: fruit of a collective effort, we now have the unMonastery also in Italian. 2 weeks of work were worth the shot! Let’s all cross fingers…

​NEXT STEPS of the Che Fare contest:

  • 9th of December: deadline
  • (max) 14th of January: 1st round of selection during which the jury will select up to 40 projects
  • 15th of January: list of shortlisted projects is published --> if we are shortlisted, there is a 2 month period to get as many votes as we can!
  • 15th of January (10 a.m. CET) to 13th of March (18 p.m. CET): registered users (with confirmation e-mail) will be able to vote their favourite project on the TIMU platform
  • the 8 projects which recieve the most votes will then be evaluated by the jury and only one will win the 100.000€ prize

IF WE ARE SHORTLISTED (cross fingers!!!), the Social Media Team of Edgeryders will be CRUCIAL. However, since this is a project presented with the Matera 2019 Committee we have time to design interesting communication strategies, relying also on the Committee’s media partners (for example the local TV who did the promotional video)

  • we will have to produce, during the 2 months, at least: 1 text, 10 images/photos, 3 multimedia clips --> if we don't we can be excluded

So let’s think positive and already start imagining… anyone in for co-leading this with me? Doing things in pairs (or trios) is much better than doing stuff alone #wellbeing :slight_smile:

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