This was a suprise, a memory recovered.
Eh ehe!
Hope all is good. :wink:

Hugs to you all!


Hey @pacheca, great to hear from you! Where has life taken you?

Hi Alberto! :slight_smile:

I’ve been living in Scotland since 2014.
I’m still searching to be more able to participate more hands-on in
creating a better world.
I feel I’m getting closer! ah aha.

2017 has been an incredible year.
I’ve made lots of friends, built my own loft bed (with a good special
friend) using stuff recovered from the streets of Glasgow a few other
furniture for the house, discovered I have medium to high degree of
dyslexia, been working on a landscape architecture studio only 3 days a
week, to explore other things and find a way to believe in what I do!
Also, I started to sing and to play the guitar (I had played only when I
was a teen) and I also love percussion and seem to be able to accompany my
musician friends. :slight_smile: Mainly I love to improvise with friends. (I’m
attaching a good one that we had at a dinner at mine, a few weeks ago, this
is still very new to me, but I love it!) But have started to write a few,
let’s say skeletons of songs too. eh ehe!

Let’s see where the Music takes me, but wow! It’s certainly giving me the
confidence to be more who I can be, a better me. I feel so lucky,

I don’t have a lot of money per month but I’m feeling so much warmer and
happier than when I was full time, and my life is so much richer with
caring loving people by my side.
I feel like I’m discovering my tribe. :slight_smile:

I know you guys are now based at the Hague, I’m still very interested in
the Edgeryders and deeply admire your work. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity
to get more in tune with your projects again some day. I really admire the
Open Care project.

What about you, How’re things going?
Do let me know if you guys come over to Glasgow at any point!
Hope that you are all well, and please share my love with Noemi and Nadia
too. :slight_smile:

Warm hugs,


All this is great, I’m happy for you! But we are not in The Hague, we are mostly in Brussels, come say hi if you are ever around. Right now there is also a house in Western Morocco. @noemi and @nadia are reading you already, and we will def let you know if we are in Glasgow! We also know people there – the wonderful @gehan and @luke_devlin. Maybe you should look them up. they are both on ER and good people.

Waving back at you…! Looking forward to meet again dear R. <3

@pacheca, I took the liberty of moving these new exchange away from the 3 year-old topic where they originated. You remain superwelcome in Edgeryders, as you ever were.

Rita Ciao! So nice to hear from you again <3 It sounds like you are finding your way somehow. Would love to see you sometime oon, why dont you come visit us in Brussels? There is a guest room in the house so we can host you!