Team finance check-in: confesseur, accounting and rescheduling the fourth meeting

Hello @reef-finance, I thought I would briefly check-in here. So:

  • The convention document around members’ contributions towards the operating fund is done and submitted to this week’s plenary meeting. I already updated Lie’s slide deck for the plenary meeting (check slide 9).
  • The confesseur process proceeds. This week we have both interviews, though, in the end, I will have to do one alone.
  • Malaz, I saw your spreadsheets, thanks! but I have some concerns. They focus on profit & loss, sales, costs, etc., and there is no way to keep tabs on debit and credit, refunding expenses, etc. Maybe you can demonstrate at the next meeting, and we’ll take it from there.
  • And about the next meeting: we are scheduled for Thursday 1, but we have the plenary meeting on the same day! What do you want to do? Shall we meet before the plenary to have an in-person team meeting, or do we reschedule, and to when?

Thanks Alberto.
The meeting with Marcel went fine, we’ll put Ugne’s notes in the NextCloud folder within a day or two.
Wasn’t our meeting scheduled on Thursday 8th? The day of the meeting with the architects. If, after Lee’s poll closes, the latter meeting is scheduled at 6 PM, I think we could have a short Team Finance meeting afterwards. If you want to reschedule: I could be available on September 9th during the day, then I won’t be able to attend before September 26th.

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I stand corrected, we were indeed scheduled for Thursday 8th.