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hi @Sarah @Sophie_B

So in the thread of 'JET-14 (architects) you can read that the architects ask to clear the site, so that the geometer and the people doing the ‘étude du sol’ will have easy access to do their job.

At first i thought of asking for devis and letting professionals do it, but after reading francois’ answers to my questions concerning the clearing of the site, i think it’s quite feasable for ourselves.

  • So I think we should take the 22nd as the day/afternoon to do that. Francois talks about a couple of people for a day should do the job.

A couple of little question marks:

  • Quand le géomètre sera désigné, on pourra lui demander plus de détail ! => no idea at this point when this will be, i think it might be after the 20/06. But i guess if we clear away enough this should be ok
  • I need to have the key. I had Marcel on the phone, he is waiting for the confirmation paper that says that we paid the 25000 to get in contact with the owner and ask him for a key. => so still possibility that we won’t have the key by the 22nd, but i guess chances are small that we won’t have a key…

So my idea is

  • not to go for asking devis any more => do you agree?
  • make a post and ask who is planning to come the 22nd + who can/feels like using a chainsaw + who can/feels like using a débroussailleur + who has maybe material we can use (hand saws, …)
  • than reserve 2 or 3 débroussailleurs and maybe one chainsaw (depends who is going to use them). I can go get them with my car…

any remarks/suggestions?

really feel like this kind of social event


Sounds indeed like a very special (social) event, I am all up for it :slight_smile: Thanks, @els

I think this is a very good idea. Will discuss in team finance tomorrow how to get the proof of paiement as soon as possible so that we can ask for the key.

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@reeflings : we need some strong man/woman and many more.
What needs to be done?
We need to clear a part of the site so the geometer and the people doing the soil study have easy access to the site to do their job. I will make a plan so it’s clear where we should clear the area.
Clearing a part of the site means: cutting and trimming some trees. Cut the weeds if they are too high. Place all this green waste near the entrance of the site.
When should we do it
This should be done soonish, so the idea is to use the social event of Saturday the 22nd, and even start in the morning to make sure we get it done. There is also a Q&A that day, but if i am correct, only Lee is involved in this (and the members of the presentation of the 6th or 20th of June) i guess? There is still one condition that needs to be fulfilled: we will need to have a key to the site for that (Marcel is trying to take care of that).
So , who is up for this very special social event?

  • i can help in the morning (10:00 onwards )
  • i can help in the afternoon
  • i can handle a chainsaw
  • i can handle a brush cutter (débroussailleur/bosmaaier)
  • sorry, cannot make it
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ps: if you maybe have usefull tools for this job, let me know…
ps: people not feeling like doing this, are very welcome to foresee lunch, laughter, …


I have small tools like rakes, spades, handsaws and shears. Plenty of experience using chainsaws and débroussailleurs. The last time I hired a chainsaw was from the big Brico in Anderlecht… I think it was about 75 euros for the day. It would be good to find somewhere closer in terms of picking them up and dropping them off easily. If we’re going to hire a couple of débroussailleurs, one of them should come with a metal blade, rather than cord, as some parts of the site are quite dense. We definitely don’t need 3 of these… 2 max, or even 1 if we can change between a metal blade and cord :slight_smile:


i have a car with big storage (vw caddy), thought of renting close to where i live (loxam, there is also a brico nearby). they are not open on saturday in the afternoon, so will bring things back on monday morning, so prefer to have it close to where i live, unless you propose to picking it up and bringing it back…
(i saw they only have one type of débroussailleurs, on the picture it looks like one with metal blades… Planning to give them a call tomorrow, will ask).


Really sorry, that weekend i have a friend visiting and we plan to be outside Brussels. Perhaps could go on another day to do it or perhaps Manuel could help on 23 June (sunday).

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Maybe you were joking, but I would definitely make this into a social event! We are going to be around the site, which means it is an opportunity for newlings to visit it, and we could also make an appointment with the neighbour that just wrote to us. How about we make it a cleaning party? Ping @reef-communitylife and @reef-external


Yes, definately. Didn’t go into detail when posting the message as i was in a hurry to get the message out , but talking with sarah about it, we preferred to clean the site ourselves, not only doing the job but having it as a social event, and thus not hiring professionals neither to have it done. It should be fun, no?
@Sarah @ChrisM : did you have anything particular in mind, as you were planning to organise a social event that day and maybe move it to the site of jette?


Yes. Ok, we (@reef-external ) stand ready to contribute. Though Manuel, I think, is out of commission on that day, and so is @SophieC.

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I’ll be there around 12.00/12.30

Originally we were going to host something at our place but I think it totally makes sense to organise something at the site! Hopefully the weather will be with us…

I’m thinking auberge espagnole at the site?
Although it would imply bringing at the minimum sheets to put on the ground, and ideally maybe some foldable tables and potentially foldable chairs?
It might be a good idea to have a fallback plan to be able to do that inside if needed… Maybe it would be an idea to contact that nice neighbour to see if there is a community centre we can go to?? Or maybe that bar at the corner can be our plan B - @SophieC how big is it?

As for visiting the site for new reeflings at the same time, I’m not sure what I think. It could be convenient but I’m wondering if it won’t be too much if we are also inviting neighbours? Wouldn’t it be better to make sure we are fully available to meet and discuss with them in priority? Also it would be very short notice for the new batch coming in on the 20th…
Personally I think I would angle to keeping the weekend of the 29/30 for that, but not very set on it either, so happy to hear people’s thoughts on it :slight_smile:



fyi, i just send a mail to the 6 people wanting to explore the reef, with the idea to joining us on the 22nd and have a Q&A in a pub nearby. Of the 6, there is only 3 who said they could come to the Q&A of the 22nd. (2 of them could also join the 27th)
Personally i would keep it like that, as we don’t have any other social events till the 30th, so the Q&A online would be the only interaction (and that’s just with 1 reefling) till the end of the month (if they could make it on the 30th that is).
But i get it’s maybe a bit too much: and the neighbours, and the new people…

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I think it should be fine if there are only three. In my head they were gonna be 10 or so (Am I delusional? :sweat_smile:). But 3 should be very manageable…
And indeed good to give them more opportunities to socialise…

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The bar at the corner is Le Prestige - Av. Carton Wiart, 97 - 02/310 40 02 - Never been inside… :upside_down_face:
Other idea is CBO - ch de Jette 407 - But not possible for me to visit those places before june 22.


hi @Sarah @ChrisM @reef-external :slight_smile:
little update…

  • (concerning the new members: only 2 out of the 3 indicated they will come)
  • i talked to marcel and it’s not sure we’ll have a key by next Saturday, so we might need to go back to the original social event on Saturday. We should get the key from a guy who is in Polen right now, but might come back the beginning of next week. Marcel is going to call the owner back on Tuesday noon, to see if we can have a key or not. I’ll make the reservation (or not) of the necessary tools (2 débrousailleuses and a chain saw) on Tuesday afternoon, if necessary.

I could be there morning + afternoon (I will come with my son and Lucia would maybe come too ;))

I can bring some tools and a table.
Would be great to have a “tonnelle” (especially if we want to discuss with the neighbors or the newlings if raining? Until we go to a café).

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I don’t know what a tonnelle is, but it does sound like a plan. :slight_smile:

Only one thing @AlinT: keep an eye out for the confirmation (Tuesday).

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Une “tonnelle” is like a tent for garden? If someone has one, it will be great ^^


Yeah, of course waiting for the confirmation for the key :stuck_out_tongue:

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If we do have the keys, I will come to the site around 12:30 pm on Saturday. Unfortunately, I don’t possess garden tools (yet) but I can use long shears quite efficiently ! :smiley: