Co-Creative Book

Post-event (Learn/Share Lab), we are reflecting more on what being co-creative means and how we can learn from each other about practicing it. As a team, we had some ideas and invited people to join us based on that. Now we are inviting people to contribute to a book about being co-creative. We looked at all the notes we had from the story arcs, world cafe, open space, and more. Then we pulled together a possible table of contents. We will be working with the team, presenters, and participants to coordinate self-selection of topics for contributions to the book. We are eager to hear your feedback on the outline here. I will be using trello to coordinate progress on tasks, once we start the next phase of development for this project.

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Thank you so much Jean for all your work on this. What are you thinking in terms of timeline?


I would like to take the next couple weeks to invite people to contribute - and hope to complete that phase by March 31. And I would like to have the book drafted by May 1, if possible, so April is receiving contributions and editing. Maybe layout and design can be early May, but my time will be limited after May 1 to do extensive editing and project management. (And this takes INTENSE project management to get done.)

But maybe al that is just my enthusaism to pull this together. There is so much wisdom in the participants at the Learn Share Lab! I want to capture a bit of that and share it broadly with the world! Who is in???

How this works:

And the draft Table of Contents for people to review and claim words to write to:


Horizontality made it! :slight_smile:

I popped my name there beside horizontality. Lots of material popping up these last few days. 750- 1250… Its going to be tight and loaded, this is going to be fun!

Needless to say: I’m dedfinitely in.

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Where is playfulness?

We might need to figure out where playfulness is or needs to be added.

Exciting Update

So, I spoke with John Baxter. We reorganized the process for the book! I am so excited. We are going to approach it one section at a time, talking with the contributors for that section on group calls when we start and when the essays are due, so we can synthesize the work. We will be starting in May! We will be doing about 7 essays a month for the next 5-6 months. Our fist section is "WHAT: The ethics (values and heart) of co-creation "