Co-Design unMonastery : Documentation and Looming Questions

Key outstanding questions that we need to answer! 


We had another session today to deal with the questions outlined in an earlier version of this wiki (that has been left at the bottom of this entry) - the session confronted questions of privacy, design objects and overall approach. Focused specifically on two core ideas; The unMonasterians Kit and How unMonasterians Sleep? (a heated topic).

The structure and contents goes something like this:

Guide Line Specifications

The unMonasterian Kit

‘Needs’ that define the requirements of the Kit


-Hygiene and Cleanliness


-Interface with Community






The relationship between the unRule and the design of unMonastery

Guide Line Specifications:

Where possible all design elements should be:

Collapsable / Rearrangeable / Moveable

Foster and Facilitates Communication

Minimise Decoration (No Decoration)

Hackable / Modifiable

Multi-Purpose / Multi-Use

Sourced Locally

Carbon Neutral

Low Cost

Specific Issues to Matera that require design solutions:


and… ?

'Needs' that define the requirements of the Kit


Hygiene and Cleanliness

No brainer – also the experiment at LOTE3 went reasonably well. The main point of contention concerned the appropriateness of having a dishwasher (some perceive it as superfluous, or even dysfunctional as it breaks the edgyness of unMonastic life). There was no discussion on having a washing machine.


Interface with Community



There was surprisingly little discussion about worktools. There seems to be consensus that people will have permament workspaces, available round the clock. [Leo] pointed out that workstations need to be personal too, but he might have been thinking of his particular work as a technologist, as opposed to, say, a herbal garden.




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How will we sleep? 

If you view the popplet below you’ll see due to certain conditions of the building, it’s necessary that we have sleeping quarters on the top floor of the building - however we’ve yet to establish how this will work. Two suggestions have been put forward so far, firstly, we should have rollmats or some form of modular bed system, so to allow for all spaces to be transformable, rather than fixed.

The second suggestion was that the unMonasterians sleep in the community rather than in the building, this is tricky due to the funding agreements the model is based on - however it might be a way of significantly increasing the capacity of the unMonastery project, 10 inside the building, 10 in the community - on rotation.

Things to consider: 

-How will we achieve privacy? Does privacy exist in the unMonastery?

-How might sleeping arrangements within Matera lead to better integration?

-What kind of bed/structure should be used for rest?

-Which rooms should be bedrooms?

-What else? 

The unMonasterians Kit - What's in it? 

We agreed with MIMERS that the easiest way to think about the furniture, equipment and design requirements of the unMonastery is through the consideratin of a kit for each unMonasterian. This should take into account an array of different elements that we’ve discussed over the past couple of days - including: Furniture for each unMonasterian (Bed, Table, Stool, etc?), Uniform or outfit?, Tech (Tools for doing things like Open Street Map on a rolling basis) and what else?

Questions to answer: 

-What’s in the kit exactly?

-If this kit includes items of furniture, what is the brief for these items? (Each item should be easy to modify, easy to repair, collapsoable, modular, multi-use)

-What are the key pieces of tech kit that should be added?

Orange = Actionables / Next Steps

More information :

unMonk kit to minimize “space inertia”

Thanks Ben.

The idea of the kit arised discussing with Mimers the need to find a balance between keeping empty space in order to let spontaneous activities emerge and, on the other hand, the fact that we need to give to unMonasteriens basic furniture to live. The idea is that each unMonk receive a kit and he has to give the kit back to the unMonastery when he leaves.

This means that we are giving back to the space occupied by the unMonk its original potential.

In radically flexible and collaborative spaces we must try to keep the inertia of the space to a minimum level.

I call “space inertia” the resistance of a space against the emergence of new uses.

I think the kit should/could contain :

  • a foldable or rollable bed/sit

example in the photo (produced by MUJI so expensive, but easily doable by hands). 

I used it a lot and it’s very good even if a little bit too small.

  • a foldable and light chair/table?

  • a bedspread/curtain with a cable in order to achieve privacy in a way (walls need to be designed to attach the cables).

Cable curtains are also a good way to easily change the architecture of a room.

  • a phone card with a local phone number

  • a metal dish, cup, fork ?

… ?

Let’s keep working!

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Very good stuff

I like them all :slight_smile: Let’s keep working, indeed!

It’s calm and non invasive

both visually and in terms of respect for need of privacy. I really like it.

sleeping train / yellow submarine style :wink:

how about beds which on can hang off the wall like on sleeping trains?


Update coming from today’s session!

But in the meantime I wanted to flag this Mozilla opensource office design - specifcally the shipping pallet floor which solves 2 problems at once; firstly the humidity and cold floors, secondly the ability to pop up cables through the floor, wherever needed.

This is the right way

I think this is the way to go. You want architecture to be functional and orthogonal with respect to the “high level” purposing of rooms. I am seeing protocol everywhere these days, but it seems that [immaginoteca] is treating design as protocol, in the same sense that Lego is protocol: design the low level to be beautiful and multifunctional and let the user (unMonasterians in this case) take care of the rest.

Popplet from second session!

Slowly transcribing this to the wiki above. Any help appreciated - (some popplet notes are written in shorthand way that might not make sense, apologies!)

Help to find a post, please

remember the session, (was it about the unRule?) which was very well structured: 3 groups discussing and reporting to each other. I can’t find the post, and would like to refer to it in the FormStorm group. I think this format can be borrowed and customised for the FormStorm 3hours Online Edition, and then to be a chapter on Time&Structure of the Read Before the FormStorm Instruction/Code of Conduct.

Victor’s session about documentation?

Hi K! :- )

You’re talking about Victor’s session about documentation (tools and process) right?

Here’s all documentation


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