EdgeRyders and unMonastery: The Gathering [SCHEDULE]

EdgeRyders and unMonastery: The Gathering

Saturday 30th November - 10:00 - 17:00


LOCATION > http://www.somersethouse.org.uk/plan-your-visit/directions-and-map

[Setup - Coffee - BYOBreakfast]

10:00-10:30 (Half an Hour)

Debrief and Updates - Post-#LOTE3 / unMonastery / MT2019

11:00-11:30 (Half an Hour)

Responsible: Arthur, Ben and Ilaria

Arthur to give update on where EdgeRyders is currently at.

Ben to give update on unMonastery.

Ilaria to give an update on MT2019 and the shortlisting - what are the next steps for MT2019?

Funding, Applications and Next Steps

11:00-12:00 (1 Hour)

Responsible: Noel Hatch, Ilaria and Gaia

During the first part of this session it would be good to hear from Noel about how he and the organisations he’s working with approach funding applications and what EdgeRyders could learn - since it seems they’re very successful at this. It’d also be good to think about how we might establish a resource pool and more formalised approach to helping one another with funding.

This should act as a prelude to Sunday’s Form Storm, identifying which funds are available, what stage individuals and projects are at and who can help who.

Outcomes: ???

EdgeRyders - Burnout App, Wellbeing and Health

12:00-13:00 (1 Hour)

Responsible: Ben Vickers, Gaia, Dave + Collective Effort

During LOTE3 there was a lot of discussion regarding burnout and general wellbeing - one thing that was highlighted is that a major benefit of EdgeRyders could be establishing a strong support network for ensuring the wellbeing of individuals and their workloads.

This session’s outcomes will be focused on assessing the meaning of wellbeing in this context and defining functionality requirements clearly for something we might actually build.

Previous work on this topic:

Nomadic Wellbeing from Big Picture Day Conference >


Burnout Support Lunchtime session from LOTE3 > /uploads/default/original/2X/7/78e9311dc92b5ed2dc915b0cb04b4c634af2dcc6.jpg
Burning Edge Documentation >



13:00-14:00 (1 Hour)

unMonastery Matera Now-Feb: Building, Co-Design and Christmas

14:00-16:00 (2 Hours)

Responsible: Ben and Ilaria

We achieved a really sizeable chunk of work during LOTE3 for the co-design process but it needs some help, support and clarity. In order to make this whole thing happen, we also need to establish a schedule for what happens in Matera between now and the opening.

Things on the table:

Christmas at unMonastery

Building Trip Away Team (We have access to tools and building waiting to come alive)

Rolling fortnightly events, with locals in Matera and the future unMonasterians.


Feasibility and timeline

Dates and commitments from individuals

Co-design elements we’ve missed + good ideas

Previous work on this topic:

Co-Design - Where we’re currently at:


Uniform workshop documentation:


The lead up to unMonastery’s opening:


Whatever Happens Next, Happens...

16:00-17:00 (1 Hour)

Responsible: ???

This is an open slot, for wherever the day takes us.

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Looks truly awesome!

Well done Ben! this seems to become an actual event with a real setup and great people in the lineup… I wish I could be joining you guys :slight_smile:

Just a thought: I’m very glad to see [noelito] in a conversation about funding, we have already been working together earlier this year and his experience with European Alternatives turned out very helpful. Not just because of insights based on vast experience, but also because having a network & pool of organizations we know we can partner with is extremely important and eases the whole process, so that you don’t have to go out and scout for trusted partners every single time. Agree with the idea that we should formalize support in these kind of things, God knows they’re never easy!

What hashtag should we be following on Saturday? #unMonastery works?


Hey Noemi, how about going for the good ol’ #unMon?

Exact Location…

Ben… Fantastic schedule… well done

Can I just prompt you for an exact location within Somerset House… Which is enormous and has several entrances ?

Funding, Applications and Next Steps

Thanks for pulling this together Ben and idea of the resource pool and ways to help each on funding. If other people have outcomes they would like to achieve from this session, what would they be?

A couple of crudely binary observations from working on funding applications.

“Reactive” applications for funding which the Form Storm really lends itself well to. These are opportunities where you try and fit in what you want to do within the constraints of the funding criteria. Most grant funding works in this way and it normally funds accommodation, travel & equipment…as well as specialist skills to produce outputs (video/tech/design) or to train people.

Could we use funding to create Edgeryders as a “multi-sided platform” define business models that can help fund Edgeryder assets within funding applications that want you to deliver specific outputs? For example, where funding applications constrain you to bid for equipment / venue / accommodation hire, you could use unMonastery as a venue or as a hotel. Edgeryders as a travel agency…other ideas.

P.S. Even if you think you have a small change of getting funded, writing reactive funding applications is another way of prototyping / testing your ideas!

“Proactive” funding applications. This is much more difficult, takes more time, but is much more sustainable. Building relationships with partners / funders so you really get under the skin of what they want to invest in - this is about what behaviours / values they want to invest in, much more than what outputs they’re looking for. Show potential partners the value of your network - was discussing with Ben about inviting foreign cultural foundations to London for a social safari for them to discover and immerse themselves in the unseen initiatives that they should be looking for. Remember they need to demonstrate their value too and are in competition with their peers (which reminds me I should get my ex flat mate who’s a social hedge fund investor to share some tips!)

To sum it up, “reactive” bid writing is like Tindr, “proactive” bid writing is like building friendship…maybe…

I almost forgot…money has a strong track record of damaging personal relationships. We all know that there will be (more) funding that can help develop Edgeryders as an ecosystem / platform and there will be (less) funding that can actually help people make a living. How we build trust-based mechanisms particularly when there are newer people coming into Edgeryders is really important, If you have developed any trust-based approaches that work for Edgeryders, can we reference these for any funding toolkit we may produce?

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I like this thinking, and…

Ok, first off: [Ben], this is really good work. Keep it up!

[noelito], I like this attitude. But I say, let’s take it further! Beyond reacting to calls for applications; beyond creatively riding calls as a way to get where we want; there is the hyper-proactive approach of deciding “we want to do X: let’s find somebody who will pay us for it”. In fact, Edgeryders (corp-side) is really knee-deep in this kind of work. We show up on the doorsteps of people like UNDP, the Swedish development agency and various city halls in Europe, and tell them “we think you guys need to do X with us” (example, another example). We are not sure yet how this is going to go. We tell ourselves it is going to be all right. We’ll never know unless we try! And you, and all edgeryders, are encouraged to do the same. If you need a corporate front, you are very welcome to borrow ours – this is what it is for.


Somerset House > West wing, it’s 20 yards right from the skate ring as you walk under the archway from the main entrance at the front

@TheRealHazzar Will be at the west wing reception from 10am!