Communication Responsibilities, Routines and workflow

To get started

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of our objectives and together with the directors, identify key groups and individuals to engage via social media. An example of a clearly defined target group is decision makers within the European Commission relevant to our current EC funded projects. Another example is people concerned about spiritual and moral development in the wake of the recent Catholic church scandals in Poland.
  2. Do research on the target groups/list of individuals to design a communication and content strategy to reach and engage them via online channels.
  3. Discuss and finalise the metrics, strategy and timeline of activities (campaigns) for the next 3 months with the Outreach team & community management team.
  4. Familiarise yourself with Edgeryders digital channels, tools, platform content, and audiovisual assets. Propose strategy for effectively making use of them to meet our objectives, or supplementing them where required.
  5. Design, execute and maintain a way to engage members of the edgeryders community to act as multiplicators. How: by working with the outreach director, community management team to design incentives and campaigns for members to share content from the edgeryders platform via their individual social media channels on a regular basis.

Every week

  1. Participate in a biweekly virtual chat with the outreach director and community managers.
  2. Compile a list of landing pages to drive account creation and publishing of posts and comments on the platform. How: Select content from the Weekly community summaries posted in English, Polish, Czech, German sub-forums. Refine the copy, visuals and URLs of existing pages where needed (e.g posts created by users and or community managers). This includes verifying non-English language content with language community managers to make sure it’s accurate & appropriate.
  3. Create promotion materials for specific topic themes, articles and discussions posted on the platform : this includes
  4. Create and disseminate effective social media updates to drive traffic to the landing pages on the list. How: create social media, flyers, tweets, videos etc to draw people in to list of landing pages. You will get a budget for sourcing third party services e.g design or copywriting - NB: each expenditure have to be approved a priori in writing by the outreach director.
  5. Create, source and curate appropriate content for our social media channels to raise their perceived value as sources of interesting & relevant content for our target groups. How: Devise and execute a campaign to get people to forward us interesting, high quality content they come across on social media.
  6. Create lists of campaign- relevant social media accounts for individuals who can act as multiplicators for outreach campaign content including calls for participation, promotion of articles etc. How: Find out topics that are trending in the different target countries and groups. Work with the community managers to create status updates connecting the content we are promoting with the trending topics. Find a time efficient way to reach people discussing the topics with the status update and URL to the landing page. A suggestion: do this by attending the biweekly online team meetings and community virtual cafes.
  7. Create general interest status update and post them on the general community forum (Campfire) to drive interest from individuals already signed up on the edgeryders platform but not currently active on it.
  8. Create topic specific status updates to drive interest from people who have signed up on a subforum on the platform but are currently not active on it and send it out via group messaging. How: Compile and maintain up-to-date /list based on forum signups - 1 list per focus nationality - details to be discussed with the respective community managers and our technology director.
  9. Create and optimise one monthly newsletter for the edgeryders company to draw business leads from current, prospective, and past clients/funders. Promote it via the appropriate channels. How: Work with the edgeryders management team to create appropriate materials and social media ads/campaigns to generate business interest for edgeryders competences, products, services, events, trainings and projects.

Your reporting deliverables

  • Bi-Weekly report posted on social media + edgeryders platform analytics + newsletter performance. Focus on engagement rates and conversions into forum signups, and ways to improve them. Can we track engagement-as-clicks on social media into signups on edgeryders? Post before Monday 17:00 for previous two weeks.

Hi @nadia. Started to work on this. First: can you provide me with a list of names and titles on who’s who in Edgeryders? Who is the outreach directory, who is the community management team

Do you have a list or an idea of influental people who should see the Wellbeing in Europe section from the EU political world or should I source that out? I can, no issue, just asking if there’s a list already (or a part of the list)

Outreach director: Me, rest of outreach team are @hugi and @natalia_skoczylas
Community Management team Leads: @noemi and @johncoate
Research Director: @alberto
Tech Director: @matthias

As for list of key people: We need to do a mapping, which in part involves asking people in our partnerships about this, partly scraping/researching EC website, event websites and social media presence. Let us dedicate a call to this.

Welcome to the team, @anon82932460! I am happy to help you with anything related to poprebel, polish content and other projects (esp culture squad and trust in play). I hope you will enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

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Good idea. Let’s have a call about this. I’m free today after 1:45 PM, tommorow from 10:30 AM until 3 PM, Thursday anytime, Friday antime

Glad to be here! Looking forward to connecting to you and all other great people here :-))

Checking the whole platform first, then I’ll start bombing with questions

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I’ve started to compile a list of issues (general issues) per country for the wellbeing in Europe which will be the base for sourcing material based on these (or related topics) and it should give a road-map on how to frame the marketing material to get the attention of the right people:


Key issues:

Having a child and not having state protection
Citizens inaction to bad governmental decisions
Youth doesn’t have a chance to get a good job after uni despite a good number of jobs
Youth not being that active in the Church life, and the reasons behind it


Young people not having a sense of belonging
Young employed people feeling lonely
Healthcare (not being available to all, i.e. private healthcare is difficult to get by common people)


High levels of corruption in the country
Prices high, salaries low
LGBT issues
Pro-Russia vs Pro-Europe
Human right issues

Let me know if I’m on the right track with these topics.

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Thanks @anon82932460 Maybe you can explain a bit how you draw these conclusions/researched the topic. Trending on social media? Checking in with personal contacts? ping @Jan @Jirka_Kocian @natalia_skoczylas @noemi @alberto

These I’ve based on discussions that I’ve found here on Edgeryders, plus analysing Quora. Regarding Serbia, there I mostly know from experience and from talking with friends from Serbia about their issues Social media is still being scanned, will add topics once they float out from the noise :slight_smile:

Looking forward to expanding the topics and your thoughts @Jan @Jirka_Kocian @natalia_skoczylas @noemi @alberto

I think a useful exercise might be to compare this to trending topics on online popular space/ social media used by people in those countries.

One thing the community management team has done to support this is compile a list of channels people are using in each of the focus country:

Nice repository! Will analyze

Very interesting. If we could just map populist politics onto these topics… @Jan @Richard.

For example , right now the #rezo discussion is blowing up in Germany. So we move quickly to connect what we are doing with it like this and then push it out onsocial media using the trending hashtaf so it reaches a lot of people we would not otherwise reach

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Hey all! So, first apologies for leaving you waiting with my more comprehensive social media strategy for the promotion of Wellbeing in Europe. Here’s the incomplete draft as I was waiting for some second opinion on how to adjust the content marketing strategy for achieving the goals for my first 6 months: EdgeRyders 6 months strategy - Google Docs

What is missing here is a list of influencers and content marketing campaigns (which I’m adjusting now from my notes and will update shortly), but I do have a question:

my initial premise is to base the content marketing campaigns on campaigns that I did for a test project, as I believe if the issues that appeared in them (as mentioned to be in a native language, have just one person in it etc.) would generate good results. Do you agree with that? I’m open to suggestions to what do you think is the most important thing to push out on Edgeryder social channels.