[Communication task]: Send weekly LOTE5 recaps to everyone registered

Need help from someone in the Communication team for Living on the Edge!

This task earns you a ticket. Here’s what it’s about.

We have around 80 people registered to come (online on the web, but also in touch on email or verbally) who are all waiting for instructions and updates to have a general view of what’s going on without spending too much time here on the platform. I need help summing up what is going on and making sure people know time has come to book travels and accommodation.

This is an example of weekly recaps we used to do for previous events. Another one is this, but can be shortened and adapted to your own style. Get in touch below if you are up for this.

I can help

Hi Noe,

I can give it a shot. I will need a couple of instructions.

First one done!

…thanks to @Teo.

Now the next summary email should be scheduled in another week or so, say around Feb 1st.