Community call Wednesday 11 am: 6 weeks to LOTE!

Hello everybody!

LOTE is getting closer, people are getting excited, let’s meet on Wednesday 11 am to discuss the next steps:

Proposed agenda:

  • Communication: proposal to keep the good flow of visitors and signups going

  • Up-to-date the to-do list and tasks that can be outsourced to visitors

  • What about ticket policy?

  • (@ireinga @Noemi & others, please feel free to pitch in)

Everyone is welcome to join the lOTE5 conversation. Tune in at 11 am via this google hang out!

Our weekly google hangouts are a good way to meet people from across the world doing interesting work, and plan the work ahead. Especially if you’re new to Edgeryders and have a lot of questions about the event in Brussels, join this 1 hour community call to learn how to collaborate with others to make it a hit.

Date: 2016-01-18 07:30:00 - 2016-01-18 07:30:00, Europe/Paris Time.

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Two things are crucial I think to keep up with new registrations and LOTErs who want to help:

  1. Publish or recycle 3 major tasks for this week:
  1. A nice option would be to actually send people digital tickets. Last year they looked like this and were numbered for each. It doesn’t need printing or showing onsite, but it makes it clear that one belongs, that our contributions are acknowledged.

Will see you soon!

Cannot join today

Unfortunately I’m in meetings the whole day and not able to join for the call. Kira will take on the AH wrap up.

Just few leads on my side:


  • did ER sent out a newsletter this week?

  • discuss about a strategy to communicate LOTE at the next FUN (flyers or social media strings attached)

  • how to engage people for the documentation, can we have examples from past LOTEs? I think it would be really interesting to publish tasks connected to specific sessions.

  • how is the CountOnMe going? Is the Twitterstorm planned?

  • call for participation for the SMartBE community, on Feb 4 Kira will announce the event during an event. Ideas on how to call for action?

  • FuckUp Night will be live streamed this Thursday via


  • I’m meeting with a potential sponsor tonight at 6:30, updating you on this asap.

  • @Nadia did you fix a meeting with the head of the refugee Belgian workforce Anton suggested?

  • Discuss the community travel grant possibility (conversation here)


  • We might cook “warm” dishes only on the first night, the kitchen equipment available at SMartBE isn’t adequate to cook a warm meal everyday. Sandwiches and other solutions must be preferred…

My notes from the call. Add yours?



-used to be a lot more active on Edgeryders, “bad citizen” now; hopefully we’ll meet you guys at LOTE event; @trythis on the platform


-was at LOTE5 in Matera and haven’t really been in touch with Edgeryders

-based in Belgium, doing freelance consultancy around circular economy and has a startup growing bugs in Ghent

-wants to listen and then follow conversations in writing

Tom Stewart @Tom

-lives in Galway; involved in the Galway running for European Capital of Culture 2020 bid

-has run two co-op type organisations - Exchange Dublin - cooperatively managed art workspace running for 5 years; Open Learning Ireland- about access to culture; they both failed, but one should be re-open in a month

-knows some of the people going to LOTE5 and is coming too!

-wants to see how Lote is being organised

Dorotea - prefers to listen


-FuckUp Nights opens LOTE5: we need to publicize the call for speakers - ideally people coming to LOTE would be involved to talk about professional failures in a fix format; Merel volunteers as speaker!!

-Live FuckUp nights streamed on Thursday at (also see

-they usually sell 200 tickets to the event


-we set out to build this event under the very sexy Failure theme, which later I found out it’s buzzy everywhere, mostly in the creative industries and startup scene. So the feedback I’m getting is: sounds cool, but let’s see how you make it of use for people, since now everyone talks about needing to talk failure.

Sam: There are areas in different societies where failure is still tabu: in banking;

In the airline industry or aerospace engineering - failure is a very important part, they are obsessed about it for decades. and allocate resources to it. Other fields are chronically ignoring this. True, the entrepreneurial scene is skewked by the Americans , but in Japan not so much talk about it.

Kira: a lot of people are failing to get it right; eg in Sillicon Valley, fail early is said so much, but there’s so much teen suicide. It’s reinterpreted as “i fail quickly so I need to be successful a lot”; Human Error book - it’s not about one person’s mistake, it’s what it does to the whole

Sam: Wikipedia has a whole list of human errors (link pls?)

Second half of the call: we talked about this year replacing a documenting team with something called “Harvesting”, especially since Kaja is offering to set it up.

From Kaja:

My questions for the participants of the community call:

  • What do you think would the community benefit most to have a harvest of?
  • Do you have an idea of the audience, or can you already sense some questions coming up that you would see a pattern in?

Lote4 documentation for reference: We then asked people to share summaries of their sessions online, and deeper reflections - example of an introvert’s reflections.

Sam: Harvesting not just via text: tiny video interviews for a minute like ones we did in Bucharest: ‘what do you feel you miss and where do you want to catch up with other people?“ not just in writing, but in an environment that carries emotion, gets information across between the lines

We don’t just want people to showcase stuff - not failure porn, we want to look critically at it (on Failure Porn via Kira:

What’s buzzing around in my head “what do you think people fail to recognize about failure?” there needs to be a psychological facet about it, and a relatively hard statistic about it

Kira: Not many statistics available. Maybe it’s about how we learn from it - there’s no evidence that failing more is connected to successes after

Sam -going back to harvesting, have people bring an audio recorder

Tom: open organisation means people would speak entirely different when knowing they are heard; in some (American) way, you will be bragging somehow and be selective about failure - it then becomes almost as if it’s a conference on success; harvesting widely on the agreement that it is not attributed: then have the ability to greenlight pieces with consent

Noemi: we don’t want to capture all in the data collection way of looking at things (either way people with twitter accounts can quote you on anything you said, and that’s not something we can control), but I understand harvesting being more about creating the space where people feel trustful to make known their reflections, whether it’s through personal writing/recording or in conversations with others - personal reflections are a great opportunity for us to learn from each other, especially since during the event you dont have that level of attention. a lot of stuff gets distilled after the event is over.


Kira: asks us all to watch the livestream for FuckUp nights tomorrow and come up with insights about the way failure is framed and what makes a strong fuckup talk - this can help us prepare better

@Kaja: can you post your introduction to harvesting in the LOTE5 group?

Look at this week’s 3 tasks and pick one that you can help with, we need more people to help convey what LOTE5 is about, make it legible and help people not get lost.

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This is the list I meant: List of cognitive biases - Wikipedia

Tiny erratum/recommendation, I meant: True, the entrepreneurial scene is skewed (between) the “Americans”, but in “Japan” not so much talk about it.

I added the hyphens to indicate that even though there may well be differences in the large categories, they are more a label than substance in this context. The attitude towards failure probably shows large differences either in America or Japan, depending on where exactly you look (industry sector, non-profits, government, start-ups or established, high in the hierarchy, low in the hierarchy, etc.). I’m afraid a sort of “map” for the attitudes towards failure may be very complex, perhaps even with different kinds of failures, disappointing different parties…

@Tom I found you last comment very, very good and it would be cool if you could expand on this some more! It had to do with the different roles/dynamics you get when people know they are being recorded, and it is attributable to them, right? We should consider this carefully when designing our “harvesting”. I tended to try and record a lot of it non-attributable (Chatham house rules) and then pick a couple of good bit and perhaps tell the context in detail (with optional attribution?).

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Just realised Thom has another profile

… or has 2. anyway, pinging @Thom_Stewart (otherwise it’s impossible to find this thread). Thom, meet @trythis again.

We’ll hopefully kickstart a process for harvesting ideas this week.

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About harvesting and documentation

Almost 2 years ago Antiheroes and Edgeryders already put together forces to understand failure in social innovation. We wrote a R&D proposal that failed to get approved for the ECF Idea Camp level II, it was on the same lines as ER business as usual but applied to failure stories

For those of you that want to take a look at the overall process and how we wanted to harvest the data you can find our “Overcoming the Octopus Syndrome” proposal here, the conversations should have happened, of course, online :slight_smile:

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Looped back

I just wrote to @Anton_Sabbe about this mayor’s meeting I am attending in Vienna and a specific request for follow up intros to some of the people/orgs we discussed during our conversation.

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This looks interesting - I fwded it to my contacts in Vienna. If they go they’ll probably hunt you down for a coffee or so at least. :slight_smile:

Just a thought on aesthetics

We have a great program, but it takes a dedicated reader to discover so.

@Dorotea you have ideas on making it more visually appealing?