Community call 15th November

@zmorda @noemi @m_tantawy @hazem

##Summary of the call.

On the Medenine Camp

@Zmorda will go with @Yosser to check the available places for having the camp.

The budget is going to cover the venue, food and some travel reimbursements but not the accommodation.

Participants should fix their own accommodation, Yosser and Zmoroda can give some recommendation for cheap accommodation.

The dates are fixed from the 27th to 29th December

So People who are going to deliver sessions/trainings should mark their schedules, we can also check if we need some trainers from Enda as a part of our partnership.

@m_tantawy and @hazem will write a wiki on the visa precedures for the people coming to Morocco, and/or Tunisia.

Next week we can confirm a venue after zmorda and Yosser visit to Medenine.

so people who are coming from Europe can mark their Calendars @noemi @matthias @nadia @matteo_uguzzoni @winnieponcelet

Also will be easier for the ones who are going directly to Morocco afterwards.

updates on BitCut progress

@m_tantawy wil finish his thesis on the 24th this month then he can freely travel.
he wants to get connected to people from opendesk or something similar to get to know more about the organizational and managerial data as a theoretical framework in managing such opensource projects.

Currently he is more concerned with the management issues rather than the furniture designs, he is going to breakdown the project into different phases in the coming days on the platform.

// open source hardware can help also

one other possible collaboration is with Gjour, he is already connect with them as they can provide recycled materials ( wood ) to be used in his project.

the last competition’s prize was CNC training in fablab and 2.5 hours of printing in any fablab in the world, so he can have a prototype in Tunisia or Morocco.

// needs to be connected to the fablab network in the region as well.

he got the visa for Europe very late and couldn’t make to the festival, he also applied for the Matera opportunity, waiting for their reply to see if he can manage to visit the Reef in Brussels on the way.

Next call will be featuring @matthias ’ open source coffe sorter and see how we can collaborate and break it down to actionable to be done in the house in Essaouira , so if you are interested to join Matthias join the call next Wednesday 22nd at 18:00 CET


@owen hi, are you following these updates for the social media pushes?