Community call 22 November

Summary of the call. sorry for uploading this late

People : Tantawy, owen, john, yosser, zmorda, hazem

#medenine Camp

@yosser : Recently we have been working on the camp, it is sort of social innovation camp targeting the youth of the region mainly medenine, the idea of the camp aim to promote the entrepreneurship mindset via the global edgeryders community

We still have missing details, for gov institution purposes, the people and their nationalities of people coming, how many people.

We need this asap

For the Venue, we have 2 potential places

1 - traditional place el ksour ? we can have the space and the equipments that 50 euros Per day,
2- the 2nd place costs about 40 Euros per day

The camp will be for 2 days,

The 1st day is just hosting the people , so 27 and 28 will need a venue.
People arriving on the 26
2 intensive days , and the 3rd day for discovering Medenine.

We will need to take care of the projector and papers and so on, we can rent or ask some organization to provide this.

For the accommodation

Negotiation with a hostel in the center of the city, so no need for transportation ,venue is a walking distance

For now, 25 Euros and a double room will cost 30 euros. Per night. ( these are just rough estimates depending on the currency exchange prices )

How many will be coming to Tunisia from outside. The Gov needs to know about the nationalities and Passport ID, for the Gov institution

We need a paper from edgeryders to say that we are representing edgeryders in organizing the camp in tunisia.

Trainers/people coming.

@winnieponcelet can not come for the financial sustainability session, we still need someone for this, ( this is new updates, after the call )

Trainers to send pictures or description.

For promotion of the camp. To raise more interest , or we can ask them to write up their sessions on the platform

Yosser : What we need right now

1: A final list of the people coming from foreign countries, their nationalities and passport ID
2: A final confirmation from those who will deliver the workshops
3: A signed paper from Nadia saying that Me and Zmorda are presenting them in Medenine, in order for us to have a legal aspect when working

To go to Medenine, Gerba airport is the nearest airport… Once we have the final list we can arrange something for all the people. Usually it is a bus or a car ride from the Airport.

Carthage airport is very far away from Medenine.

##Our ghema

Yosser : Still working on it, …was in France for 2 weeks to work on it, having a mentor for 8 weeks from the sos (organization in France) , helping me to launch the project in the coming 6 months hopefully

Maybe we can introduce the project in the camp, since we have people coming from medenine, so we can have opportunity to introduce the project to the local people.

I have a place in mind, still didn’t have the final confirmation from the owner, its a villa ( home) ,

It is in the center of Medeine.
iT is secure and close place to everywhere, from schools, university, interesting place, and the justice ministry right next to it, so it is secure :smiley: :smiley:

For now the project is going good, i had some sort of partnerships in France with new associations for getting things more clear the model for this phase is ready for now, finalizing the planning and soon will launch it

Yosser will Share with us the timeline and work progress of their projects. This could be online next week. Take a look at openvillage kathmandu project. For inspiration also the fellowship report


Hi @hazem thanks for the updates!
I’d be happy to sign whatever paper you need for ER representation- just send it over! :slight_smile:

@noemi Please check your e mail for the needed paper , we need your signature please :slight_smile: