Community call: Let's talk about Op3n Meetups Adventure

Monday's 4:30 PM CET call is dedicated to organizing a tour to discover care stories and protagonists!

OpenCare is a global effort to bring together the many, less heard voices of caregivers and caretakers. It started in the beginning of 2016, and now over 100 brilliant people joined from all over, people who contribute to fixing things that are broken: hostility to migrants, European welfare, closed healthcare systems, and more.

We meet online and engage with our personal stories, but mostly we are humans and would enjoy real life support and smiles too… just look back at where we kickstarted this!

Op3n Meetups Adventure is where we make it easier for people all over to contribute to a global care debate, share their story and pool together experiences to discover solutions.

When is it happening? Between July - September.

Where is it happening? All over Europe and beyond.

Op3n Meetups are for:

  • People with an idea, story, technology or proposal about community care
  • People who wish to understand and join OpenCare, but can’t or won’t do so on the website
  • Facilitators and conveners who like to brain ache around big issues in cosy gatherings

Where does it all go? We will collectively build a bid for 100 Million USD to fix the care crisis! See MacArthur Foundation’s call for projects at (more about this in a few days).

What’s the plan? In our next community call on Monday 4 PM CET we look at where we can go, who can drive this and what resources are available! Leave a comment with what you are interested in and we’ll discuss it on Monday. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join, we’re meeting here:

Date: 2016-07-04 17:30:00 - 2016-07-04 17:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Some resources for local op3n meetups

As we think about Op3n Meetups formats, here are two to consider:

  1. Action oriented workshops - FeedForward methodology which we can apply by selecting snippets of stories from the online community and connect them with stakeholders in our cities.

  2. Co-design workshops - the WeMake model documented in the opencare playbook - section How Can I Make a Workshop Happen? (thx @Costantino & WeMake!)

connection problems…

Dear @Noemi

Iwould like to join the call but I cannot open the link Jitsi Meet

Is it normal? You can open the link only some minutes before?

I’m working from a pc od the City of Milan and so maybe we can have some problems…

Could you help me? Thanks! :slight_smile:


It works for me…

Keep trying and try also google hangouts. If the latter works we’ll move there, just to make sure you can join :slight_smile:

Thanks @Noemi

The page says “access denied. 403 error”… :frowning:

but ok for Hangouts

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@Noemi! Have you alredy started the call?

@Noemi! too difficult! I cannot hear anything and I was from a phone of a colleague.

I asked every kind of burocratical permission … I hope to be able for the next time… sorry! :((

Slow connection :frowning:

My connection was too slow and unfortunately I couldn’t follow. Intention is to follow up and try to catch up through the platform. Any assistance on what to read first would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

We talked about where Op3n Meetups fit in the engagement efforts

Hi @Tiago and @Franca, this is for you and for those who couldn’t make it to the call:

With @Alberto @Costantino we got sidetracked from the actual discussions around Meetups Adventure due to some different opinions we have about how meetups would support the bigger community building efforts. In the OpenCare research project we have an engagement strategy to converge project activities by ER, WeMake and all partners into stories and conversations between participants which would take place on this platform. Those will become research data and will result in a report for our funder, the European Commission.

Now: we have a basic Engagement strategy based on our project proposal. You can read it here (it’s very short and mainly to guide partners efforts). Where we are having difficulties is in implementing it - due to some technicalities with the funder and our own challenges to coordinate all efforts and support the OpenCare conversation, which is the researh engine of the entire project (we are mandated to drive “collective intelligence” around community driven care solutions). A lot of this is detailed issues… not sure if this is the place for what could also be boring stuff for people not involved in the operational side of opencare.

What would be great as an actionable for me is to convene key stories to be told in the community calls and report on those with minimum effort online.

We need to make it easier and cheap for people to share stories.

So how about in the next community call we start with ourselves? Tiago, for you this is a quick way of fixing the time gap of your being away from ER :slight_smile:

So if I understood right…

For next Monday’s community call, share which are the key stories from OpenCare from my perspective. Is that it? If so, it’s a good idea!

Still don’t know where I’ll be therefore can’t say if I’ll be able to make the community call, however will post on the platform. Works for you?

Thanks @Noemi for showing the directions! :slight_smile:

More like your story

Basically an update of what you have been doing over the past years, to make it more cost effective for you to get back on track. Someone will document and post it online straight away, without you needing to make too much effort. That way it’s easier to find opportunities for you in OpenCare - right now I have no idea what your aspirations are related to care and communities (broadly understood).

Sharing key stories could also be interesting, don’t let me stop you.

Let me know eventually if you will make it on Monday, I created a new event with the same link as las time:

Welcome door


It seems to me a great idea. Maybe the community call could be like a “Welcome door” for the platform. In effect in these last days I read a lot of different stuff on the platform, different topics, a lot of comments, of comments…

So it could take a little bit of time to understand where and how to contribute.

So if, at the end of the call, every one that is newcomer could have this link, this first post, he could start to write from there. Less confusing and more effective!

Let’s try!