Community call- Moderation&Mediation vs Censorship&Tone Policing - 6th of August

Dear everyone

Me and @inge have kickstarted the promotion for the upcoming community call.

We’ve also created a FB event for our fans: Community call- Moderation&Mediation vs Censorship&Tone Policing

We also have a separate Twitter and FB post plan for promoting this.

Now, is there someone that you look up to or would want to join this event @noemi @natalia_skoczylas @MariaEuler @johncoate @inge @nadia @alberto and who has a twitter account but he still doesn’t know about Edgeryders that we should mention in an invite on Twitter directly? If so, please list them by responding to this

Anyone else who sees this and has a Twitter profile they admire, list it out.

Additionally, if anyone here is active on reddit, and knows subs in which we should go and invite people, list that as well asap :slight_smile:

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Would really need some cool twitter accounts (and/or reddit subs) from you people if you have some to share :slight_smile: Do list them here

@natalia_skoczylas @noemi @hugi @nadia @johncoate @alberto and anyone else

already done

look up Abeba Birhane’s crowd or anyone following the mozilla twitter

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nice followers!

@gquaggiotto on Twitter. Also @leashless, co-founder of ER, here as @hexayurt. Vanessa Speeding, maybe.

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