Community Call Notes 2017-09-13: Festival priorities until October

With Noemi, Winnie, Frank, Gehan, Bernard, Owen.

Noemi’s focus for the weeks leading up to the Festival is to create the ‘experience’ delivered at the event.
She is just back from a few events - things to learn from: & cultural innovators forum.
The gist is you need a real team in charge on site to support all the session facilitators and ensure they can run their part of the program in a smooth, timely manner. You also need cultural cues in the design of the room(s) and how things flow.

Frank: Working to finalise the programme. There are a number of slots remaining for ‘official’ sessions. Other idea is to create one or two informal sessions as open format. Amelia cannot make it for the Friday - requires program organisation (Frank). Decision regarding Simon’s contribution - Gehan is scheduled to speak to him on Friday. (Noemi)
Ensure the latest version of the programme is reflected on the website (Owen)
Remember: Invite the people we’re speaking to the Twitterstorm (All)

Twitterstorm scheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday - landing page here
Any more questions post them on the Facebook page here.


Team tasks (listed on internal spreadsheet, just keeping the main here)

Finalize Harvesting (led by Gehan)

Finalise any changes to the Brief for Session Leaders - prior to circulation (All)

*** we need to agree still who is the contact point for session leaders - does each curator keep track of their own sessions curated and interfaces with the tech/logistics team onsite ?

Finalise and send Participant brief (Noemi/ Natalia)

  • what each person attending the festival should contribute
  • collect information about projects to put on posters - design for onsite exhibit (Noemi and Susa)
  • get participants to sign up for Participant Tasks & Teams onsite (see below)

Participant Tasks & Teams: We will be sending weekly calls for help to our networks and ask others to contribute time to the onsite organisation:

  • Sign up to the Check In team (2 people)

  • Sign up to the Urban Game team (5 people, Day 1)

  • Sign up to join a small team of floor managers who will be keeping track of the daily program, timekeeping and doing short checkins and briefings with the group between sessions (2 people, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)

  • Sign up to provide technical assistance to sessions (2 people, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)

  • Sign up to join a small food team who would be cooking for the group (3 people, Day 2)

  • Sign up to the Party team (2 people, Day 3)

  • Sign up for Photo & Video team (3 people, Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)

  • Sign up for Program graphics (1 person)


@gehan I am updating this document with priority tasks so that we can include this info in the upcoming emails Natalia will be sending.

@natalia_skoczylas our job end this week is to set up a spreadsheet with tasks descriptions where people can add their names - each team will have a coordinator and ideally will self organise :stuck_out_tongue: Thoughts??

For today’s call at 18:00 CET, @natalia_skoczylas can you moderate it as we discussed?

I tried again the usual hangout link and it seems to work:

Just in case, pinging @owen @gehan @woodbinehealth @alex_levene and others joining!

I will be there !

I am happy to coordinate and participate in the Food team for Day 2. Assuming it would clash with any other duties i had over the weekend

I’m sorry. Held up in bad traffic. Doesnt look like I’ll be back in time to
join the call. I’ll pick up any actions tomorrow.

Hi All and @noemi & @natalia_skoczylas I would be willing to assist as is needed so please feel free to advise what is still needed. In the meantime I could assist the Small Food Team cooking and/or the Party team. I

@noemi @natalia_skoczylas Is there a doc somewhere for coordinating teams - that way we can add names and see where there are still gaps to fill? Or would it be helpful if I create one?