Community call: onboarding new Edgeryders

Hello, if you’ve just landed Edgeryders, welcome!

Let’s face it: this is not the first online community you are joining. As netizens, we’re members in a plethora of online groups, forums and communities. Signing up for a new one every once in a while is easy, but figuring out how you can benefit from participating in a conversation is what really makes a difference. Creating valuable bonds with others in the space and sharing the rewards when hitting it big is the cherry on top.

Edgeryders is not easy to grasp, at least not by scrolling down a couple of pages. Let me guess: you tried it already and still can’t explain it to your friends? Different members have different expectations, as shown in last year’s community survey. What we do have in common is that we’re on to building socially valuable things together and making a difference in the way our societies live and breathe.

So let’s make sure you find out quickly whether this is the space for you to be in, it saves you a lot of time and frustration. Join this very informal online call to learn:

  1. what’s what and who’s who
  2. how to navigate our web home
  3. what projects and tasks are active and would benefit from your input
  4. how you can start a conversation on a topic/ project of your own, get feedback and drive support around it.

This community call takes place every fortnight on Thursday at 5 pm cet. It’s hosted by the friendly [Dorotea] and [Noemi].

Come say hi, we are super excited to meet you :slight_smile:



Date: 2014-03-20 16:00:00 - 2014-03-20 17:00:00, Europe/Berlin Time.

Good idea. I like valuable bonds.

Am I right in thinking you’re just using one (neverending) hangout for all the events? (So technically I can join it now, but nobody is there).

Yup, same hangout.

The only difference is the date of the event. This week it’s been on the 23rd, and now you can see  here on this page the next one is on February 6th (I just updated it), and [Dorotea] should probably do the same on the google event page. The event pages and links stay the same. 

We’re doing this once every two weeks, and then if it gets crowded and people enjoy it we’ll go on to have weekly hangouts. Works for you?

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yes, you can join :slight_smile:

Dear [phm] :slight_smile:

the community calls to welcome new members are once per every two weeks, (as for now)

but if you can join the event now and we’ll be using the same event page all the time, so that it makes it more easy to everyone to join :slight_smile:

( I have explained you this thing about hangouts already as we have experience with making it work this way,

but we can talk about it in more detail later on, as we’ll be talking today anyway … )

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Yeah, so you just changed the time and I got an alert about it. I didn’t know it worked like that. Cool. Do the invites still work? Like, if you invite people and they RSVP, does it alert them for each time the start date/time changes?


The notification you got on email was because comments were posted on this thread (for some reason they didn’t look like normal “New comment” notification).

If you press Attend on this event page, I can make set the event page to send you automatic reminders before the event starts.

Sending people this way

Just so you knpw, [Noemi] and [Dorotea], I have started to writing small welcome messages to new users of Edgeryders if I happen to be the one that unblocks their accounts. When I do that, I recommend they join this event… I think it is a great idea. How is it going by the way?

quite well for a start

we were testing it out, and for now there was not much participation from new members, sometimes they could not make it this time, but they were happy we asked them, and said to keep asking about the next calls, so I guess it’s a good start.

Sometimes some people could make it at some other time, so I showed them around the platrorm and encouraged to write some posts or comments to the topics that interest them, and keep up with the news on the platform, so I think this part worked well as well.

I think people appreciate the human approach, as in oposite to the usual, automatic welcomes, and are often surprised that it’s acctually a human finding time and caring about talking to them :slight_smile:

The best community managers in Netezenland

This is a very, very cool and generous idea on your behalf!

We, as edgeryders, are so very lucky to have you guys propose this: I guess we couldn’t ask for more: a tailored, human welcome as a walk around the platform. I’ll keep this in mind on Thursday evenings.

Thank you so much!

Thanks dear

Keep in mind it’s once every other week, and if unsure check this event page 'cause it has the date on it.

@[Alberto] yup I’ve been doing the same when saying hi to anyone who’s new. It’s going ok, too early to tell, but I’m hoping to find a format as soon as there’s a “regular” crowd attending in terms of numbers. I’d like the calls to feed back on the platform with curated posts on Meet the new Edgeryders, like we used to do in the beginnings. That should make it easier also for them to make the most of collaboration.


hello nice people, i’m claudio

i received the invitation for the hangout of tommorrow…

but at that time i will be travelling, going back by train from Germany to Italy

so sorry, but for this time i could not attend to the hangout

i try to follow all the activities of ER, but it’s not easy, there is really a lot of interesting&cool stuff to read and to comment, hopefully i’ll find the right moment to start to be an active and not only a passive edgeryder

nice to have met you all, see tou as soon as possible


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no prob

thanks for your thoughts and no worries, there’s a start for everything. whenever you’re up for a tour drop us a line here :slight_smile:

Hangout at 4 pm this Thursday?

How would you feel if we had the hangout this week at 4 pm instead of the usual 5 (I have another meeting at 5)? [Dorotea] can you make it?

ok :slight_smile:

ok, let’s do it at 4pm :slight_smile: I’ll set the time in the event.

When’s the next one?

We’re going to do a big outreach drive next week after which I think there is agoing to be a lot of activity. Can we set one up for early next week? Like Tuesday?

good idea

good idea, let’s do it,

Tuesday afternoon ?

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Yes I think this is a good idea. This time maybe we record it

…and then we have  nice video for new people :slight_smile: