Community call Wednesday 11 am: 7 weeks to LOTE5!

Our weekly google hangouts are a good way to meet people from across the world doing interesting work, and plan the work ahead. Especially if you’re new to Edgeryders and have a lot of questions about the event in Brussels, join this 1 hour community call to learn how to collaborate with others to make it a hit.

Tune in at 11 am CET in this google hangout.


  1. Round of introductions 

  2. Short updates on the latest that’s cooking (partners and speakers management, who else we need to get in touch with, onsite developments at SmartBE)

  3. To Dos: tasks that you, me and everyone else need to take in order to cover the work of organising an event with a very limited budget. If you can’t think of anything to do for now, consider joining The countonme mailing list: sign up to receive daily updates and share your ideas to help make the mailinglist work great in the next months; feel free to pick more tasks in the communication team, a priority at the moment.

4. Add something to the agenda in a comment below…

Wait until online creatures like us get social face to face in Brussels :slight_smile: This is from Lote2, 2012. Pun intended.

Date: 2016-01-13 10:00:00 - 2016-01-13 11:00:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

can’t make it

Hi There,

A couple of minutes ago I was at the hangout as first to join. Not sure if I was there at the right time. I just wanted to say hi but can’t make it a full hour today. Looking forward to next weeks hangout.


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My notes

@Merel no worries, we were there though, maybe 2 mins after you left. Hope the notes are somewhat helpful. Anything on your mind, ideas of sorts that you want to share?

//Sessions in the making:

  • Book a skype call with Walter, Geralbine ..
  • ECOCs - needs contextualization - how ECOC maps onto cultural policy discussion (culture of extremism; connection between culture and people's ability to inject energy into the economy and change behaviours to adapt to changing reality). Noemi to do a writeup asap and send to speakers as a conversation starter!
  • Ezio Manzini's session: Services for refugees - do we have at least 2 people from Syria to commit to do it? Syrian catering folks.. Kira will be emailing asap.

For the last mile up to Lote5 we need a fully engaging campaign for upping participation and drawing more people in, whether it’s a series of local events built by Edgeryders in different cities, a twitterstorm or an email campaign.

To do on my end: Call for participation - unfail engagement | A storytelling workshop to produce communication for your project, where you leave with a communication kit: hi res photo, an engaging story and a short video. unfail fundraising | You leave with concrete skills on how to do fundraising, maybe a proposal that is sent out to prospective supporters by the end of the session. Nadia does the design, maybe we even hire a videographer + photographer for a small amount and make sure this is fully covered at Lote, as in someone is in charge.

  • your fuckup bio
  • your project and how you are taking it off the ground  A workshop to produce communication kit for you and your project the communication kit that every participant leaves with (list here:
  • to get your ticket to this workshop you need to sign up here and introduce yourself here (your face is the interface of your project)

Pre-event: A fuckup night in Brussels coming up! Kira and Irene will use the opportunity to introduce Lote again

Reach out to organisations that are interested in sending people over who could include Lote in their comms.

Food at the event: have a list of ingredients on check in at the event that people can volunteer to bring for meals.

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