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#COUNTONME open mailing list kickstarts on January 1, 2016!

We are setting up a channel where you, me and everyone we know can get a better overview of daily happenings in the network and a chance to profile yourself and your work. By joining a large-scale, shared effort.

How it works:  

You get a daily email with 3 headlines, you share them with your friends and send in your own news in return through a simply email reply. These are picked up by the official ER social media accounts (>2500 followers on facebook and twitter alike) and become the next day’s network headlines which are again spread by everyone in the list… It’s fast and cheap. Here is a sample of the 3 headlines to be delivered daily to your email box.

Sign up now to see the new world we’re building together and be seen!

We will include you in the first email going out on Monday. Perpetual beta means is a test and we’ll tweak it as we go, but you’ll be able to opt out any time. 

If you’ve got ideas on how to improve this or make it even easier to include more people include it in your comment below, thanks!

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    The subscibe button does not

    The subscribe button does not work guys.

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    It does for me


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    Yes, it works now! :slight_smile:

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    For me, it doesn’t :-/

    Press the button

    After writing your email and name make sure to press the Subscribe button right below? (text is slightly invisible… will look up the code from mailchimp to change it).

    Seems OK from my end

    @Kaja, the interface is a bit weird (the colours are such that sometimes you do not see the messages; also, the messages come up in unexpected places on the screen), but the code seems to work from my end. When clicking the button, I got this:

    If you tried this more than once, it’s possible that you already got subscribed to the CountOnMe mailing list, and now the system is refusing to let you subscribe twice. You can check this by repeating your subscription and checking the orange box to see if the message above appears.


    I wonder if @evelina you could help with this since you work well with social media?

    Basically every day I send an email to those registered on this mailing list (up to 15 people so far) comprising 2 headlines from LOTE5 that we all spread out. Ideally they are kept short so people can tweet them. What do you think? would you be up for sending these for the next weeks? (weekdays only and you can skip a day whenever you don’t have time to put them together). If so, I can give you access to the account.

    Example of email:

    Happy Monday everyone! Suggested readings for today are ..

    Can we break out of zero sum game thinking in Welfare? Workshop on care provision with Ezio Manzini and refugees in Brussels: #lote5

    Soirée Molenbeek on Feb 26: looking behind and beyond Brussels’ Jihadi central. #LOTE5 event, all welcome: social #mobility learning

    Thanks for sharing the above on twitter, facebook, linkedin or any channel of your choice. Rewording is encouraged.