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I really think that it will be better to have two public but different spaces for the discussions.

I agree with this @Nadia description:

 Project Workspace ( internal/team communication):

Project Participation Space (communication to involve new people and understand more about the project) :

see also here

When we use this space (now linked on the community home page as Workspace) to talk about consortium stuff I have a bad feeling, like poisoning a community pond :/

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The community discussion space…

… is for stories. It means we encourage people to talk about experiences, projects, things from their environments.

At the same time we keep the door open for those curious about the thinking behind the project. A clearcut separation between workspace for the community vs workspace for project team would only be artificial and then again we go back to confusing people with too many spaces (3) + it will again deflate the attention from the stories, which is exactly why the whole website is redesigned - to highlight less noise and more general interest content.

Over time this Research space will be a mix of consortium admin stuff + community calls and working out loud. Now I agree it.s more skewed for the former.

But then again, this may have been said before, so excuse the redundancy, just didn.t want to leave your observation unattended.

For some days it was like that

For some days it was like that.

I’ve seen the cited comment of Nadia, so I was pretty sure that we have two space for the discussions.

The decision was later changed. (When? Why?)

Another important issue: when will be the time of prototiping

Another important issue:  when will be the time of prototiping (soon) where will be the right place to manage/have the discussion?

Timing of rising issue


please let me know how to rise isuee in time.

I created this post ( and you and @Nadia did’nt give me explanations of your choice to drop the Community workspace, going back to your decision (see more here)

Community space

Ok, so I think we are just misunderstanding each other, sorry about this. The community workspace was not changed or droped, is the community space as per Nadia’s initial description you quote:

A Project Participation Space (communication to involve new people and understand more about the project) : 

It seems to me this is a matter of language interpretation, because this hasn’t changed its original purpose…

What we did hide was the standard drupal panel you see when being part of any project group, similar to Open Care research. That one wasn’t meant to be visible at all, from the beginning, because that means having too many spaces for interaction and people getting lost (see my comment above). Yourself included said in Brussels that you find it hard to find info in a group because there is no filtering by topic/ tag.

Which is what you, me and our community will be able to do starting now using challenges as a way to structure the content. Some Challenges are featured in the Challenge page, and what is featured will change often. The whole list of challenges is now visible when you try to Submit a new story and can pick from the list (see main menu on the left).

I tried to explain during our last call that posts can be uploaded as stories in the current community space - for example in your upcoming discussion about prototyping you can have a Challenge formulated to host all content about it.

It will look like this: and can contain:

  • your introduction to OpenCare prototyping with WeMake (photos, links)
  • a call for participation to the community (ask people to upload stories about prototypes; or work in progress, or requirements etc)
  • the page will have a Url like for example : and all content about hardware prototyping showcased below - so all stories in one place.

One person in your team can of course be given admin rights to upload the challenge. Or one of the existing admins can do it for you.

How does it sound?

Do we need to add this in the Community building manual? Would it help?