Community Team check in 23 November - notes

With @bojanbobic @nadia @Wolha @marina

  1. Set up different Tell forms for each language: PL/SB/CZ


  1. Onboarding selected journalists (3-4 in the first round)
  • Idea: a result from all the collected stories could be: A book about our times.

  • Create a brief: Guide for their work to ensure they know how to approach it and offer benchmark on the quality of the data

    • What is the mission we are trying to achieve?

    • Which posts are really good: in each language. Why are they good?

    • Focus on the 3 key topics in POPREBEL, with the underlying experiences of wellbeing at a personal level
      1. How do we access work and prosperity? (in SB, PL, CZ)
      2. How can we be morally and psychologically well? (in SB, PL, CZ)
      3. How do we get health and social care support? (in SB, PL, CZ)
      4. Additional questions are also compatible with the previous ones: What would make living in [your country] better today? What makes you feel safe or unsafe in these times of lockdown ? Do you agree with the measures taken by your government?

    • Optional: Link to Ethnographic draft reports by Amelia and team

    • Optional: Create online Tell forms for each language where contributors can upload their stories

  • Email selected journalists with a proposal for collaboration: ask them what they think about topics/ relevance - go in different direction. Timeline: the first 2 stories / person by mid December 2020.

  • Do the bigger journalism drive and campaign.

@noemi @Wolha would you mind if I would propose do some Polish language editing to the Polish landing page? It’s correct-y now, but it could be better;) I can do some edits tomorrow, what do you think?


Thanks @maniamana, that’s very generous of you! Of course, feel free to. The post is a wiki, so you should have the option to edit it directly!