Compensate travels emissions by planting trees?

Hi there, this post is strictly connected to the one in which we discussed how to reduce carbon emissions while travelling.

Compensation of carbon emissions derived by travels is no news, but I was wondering if we should adopt, in our sustainability policy we are building step by step, this kind of commitment:

when we have to travel, because remote collaboration is not possible, we consider a certain amount of the project budget to be allocated to compensation.

This commitment can be achieved through many ways: besides avoiding polluting behaviours, one of my favourite and compliant to what discussed in this post, is planting trees. I know at least a couple of Italian companies that offer this service: LifeGate and Treedom.

What do you think? @alberto @noemi @matthias @nadia @hugi @johncoate

In the meanwhile, as I was thinking about my Christmas gifts and about carbon compensation, I bought Edgeryders an avocado tree :blush:


I think this compensation scheme makes a lot of sense, even in the long run.

Because: I don’t see people switching to sail boats en masse anytime soon, which makes flying the only practical option at least for overseas travel. And biogas, electric or hydrogen powered airplanes are also decades away, means there will be emissions from flying. So compensation it is.

And I like trees (and :avocado:). And our clients would pay for our trees. And they can hardly argue against compensation budget positions. So yes, I really like the idea :smiley:

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I love trees, which is why I live surrounded by them. How does treedom work?

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I wrote a bit about it in our Green Travel Manual § 4. Compensating emissions.


Great, thank you @matthias! Also, discussing yesterday with @noemi and @marina, I think I’ll write to Treedom to suggest them to add a specific feature with the possibility of calculating travels emissions and a suggestion to what kind of tree will compensate that particular travel. I will let you know!


Hi John, I think in this page you’ll find all the information about how Treedom works.

I wrote them, I wait for an answer about the travels calculator.

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