Complete and translate invitation to community calls + Newsletter

Hi guys, hope all is well with you.

Can I ask you to complete the invitation to community calls and the weekly newsletter?

Once you have done this I ask that you translate both into your respective languages:

Please leave a comment on this task when you are done.

Invitation text is now complete. Please add translations

The invitation text is now complete. Please add your translations into this document:

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Ok, the invitation is now complete in Arabic.

I suggest we hold our first proper community call in Egypt after the event on Thursday.


Set time and day already now so you inform people who show up

would be my suggestion.

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I’m sorry I’m going to be late with this one as I do not have Armenian letters(I use translit usually with friends/family). I will get them once I get to Armenia(June 4th) and translate the invitation then!

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Google Input Tools

You can try the Google Input Tools, they have an on-screen keyboard so you can look up the letters while typing, or even type with the mouse (but that would be slower). I hoped they have transliterated input with word suggestions in Armenian letters as well, but that they only have for other languages (like, fortunately, Nepali for our other Future Makers project) :frowning:

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Thanks @Matthias I was also thinking about this! Will try typing here till i get home, as it will also help me remember and locate the Armenian letters on my keyboard :smiley: