Complex Networks 2017 and beyond: moving the methodology paper forward

Calling @melancon and @jason_vallet after a call between @amelia and myself.

Complex Networks 2017 is not the best fit for this paper. On the other hand:

  • We have an unpublished paper of exactly the right length.
  • Perfect timing: submission by September 4th, conference in late November. Also nice and close by: Lyon.
  • Neither Amelia nor I can commit to presenting, but Lyon is not far from Bordeaux…

So, we could re-read it; maybe add some the quantitative analysis back (we had to take it off the existing paper because of page limits); and submit. A day of work, or less. What do you think?

Beyond that, we have agreed to write a longer version of the paper, with extra content in sections 3 and 4. Amelia herself is fairly self-sufficient with section 3; I propose that Guy, Jason and myself schedule a call and get down to section 4.

The sooner we identify where we want to submit, the better. Amelia mentioned “mixed method journals”, but I have no idea of my own. Can you guys please name a few titles in this thread?

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HI all, I’m back from a restful and nourishing summer break.

The Complex Networks conference is quite close, probably too close in time to write a satisfactory multi-disciplinary paper. I would suggest to go for a journal – and journals are a better target, they win us more points in terms of scientific credibility in our community.

I have looked around to find good journals where to submit:

Social Science Computer Review is one, with a relatively good impact factor. Have a look at the Aims and Scope section. The editorial board is clearly marked USA/UK
Social Media + Society is another possibility also published by Sagepub.
Action Research would also be ok, I guess, since our main application targets public health.
Journal of Computational Social Science seems appropriate. It is to be published in 2018 – which means we might have a better chance of getting in, but in a journal that’s only starting and thus has not been ranked yet.

Sagepub has a open-access policy similar to that of Springer.


I think we start from SSCR, and, if we get stonewalled, move on to JCSS.

Next week, let’s have a call, you and me and @jason_vallet.

Definitely SSCR. The associate editor for anthropology, Michael Fischer, is the man. He’s got a recent book chapter on Online Environments and the Future of Social Science Research. Do you know him, @amelia?

I do! I love his work.