Connecting common questions

During last night’s community call, we discussed the need to connect the different themes of the festival to each other as to not lose the advantage of the diversity represented. A way to do it is clustering around big questions that many of us have, and then involving different perspectives to find answers during more generalized sessions.

We decided that we shouldn’t spend too much time on discussion, as some sessions are now being made concrete, and finalize this during an extra community call. To get things moving we meet this Tuesday the 27th at 6:30 pm in the community hangout here.

Some questions that have come up in the science projects I’ve been in contact with:

  • How to spread your message, how to reach people, how to get your creation out there?
  • What organisational structures and practices models do we use to make sure contributors are getting the most out of their contributions participation and their contributions have the most impact?
  • How do we fund our projects? How do we sustain our project financially?
  • What is a good way to influence policy?
  • How do we ensure compliance with legal frameworks and patents?
  • How do we ensure reliability and safety for users?
  • How do you professionalize without compromising values?
  • How to work with institutions?
  • How to distribute value in a fair way?

ping @Gehan :slight_smile:

To everyone: what are your big questions? Do you see any overlap with others? Please add concrete, simple questions that anyone understands… 


thanks !

Thanks @WinniePoncelet… I’ll throw things in here as they pop up :slight_smile:

Here’s a really long list of questions :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a Drupal view that renders all the questions from all the stories submitted by community members in opencare. If you remember, when submitting a story one needs to fill in the Story editor with some information about what is is, who do you want to reach etc?

I can do Tuesday 6:30 PM this week.


@Winnie - is it 6.30 CST? I’m still getting my head around time zones!


@Gehan it’s Central European Time (CET), same time zone we use for the community call.

… or CEST?

During the daylight saving part of the year, most of Western Europe runs on CEST: Central  European Summer Time:

hope to be there…

…same google hangout link?

same hangout link

Added it in the wiki.

See you on Tuesday!

Let me know if you need something from me in advance…

A proposed agenda for the call

Hi @Gehan , @WinniePoncelet , @Nadia , @Bernard , and anyone else who would like to join in this Tuesday - I sketched an agenda for what we can approach. Winnie is leading this I guess so feel free to dismiss it altogether if you just want a deep exploration in content.

For me, it makes sense that as we add and select common questions we move them around into a formatted grid as an exercise. Obviously the one on the Program page now is just a placeholder, so we can experiment.