Connecting with artists / curators addressing women's reproductive powers

Dear all – as our time together is quickly approaching and will be quite brief, I wanted to connect ahead of time with anyone who is working as an artist or curator with / in / around the topic of women’s reproductive health. I am currently collaborating on a project called How to Perform an Abortion which explores systems for self-managed women’s healthcare. Does anyone’s work align with this project, which examines both “medical” and “herbal” approaches to managing fertility?

I will also be traveling in the UK (Oct. 22 - 25) and the Netherlands (Oct. 25 - 29) so if anyone has any recommendations for people I should reach out to who are doing similar / mission-aligned work, please let me know!

~ Eugenia Manwelyan
School of Apocalypse


prolly @winnieponcelet ? maybe also @mariekebelle knows the art scene in Brussels…possibly also @natalia_skoczylas (remember the guy we met yesterday - he looks like he knows things :))

Hey Eugenia!

you got lucky, one of my best friends is a sex educator, with years of experience in Poland now living in London and working in the same field. I will connect you via email :wink:

hello here !

I’m coming to the meeting so we can find to talk about this topics as I’m one of the ones we start the Gynepunk project I will be happy to find and share with you this and other experiences from plants to hardware hacking!

see you there !


Natalia – That’s amazing! Do you mind sending intro to my personal email account -

Thank you!!

Eugenia Manwelyan

If you are travelling to the Netherlands it could be maybe nice for you to get in touch with this organisation
They work on access to safe abortion through multiple ways of empowerment (drones, ship campaigns, etc)
They also realised an interesting documentary few years ago


womenonwaves, esential !

@liz_biospherex is going to be presenting about reproductive sovereignty at the festival, will def put you in touch.

@pin - would love to meet with someone involved with Women on Waves and / or Women on Web – they do amazing work – if you have any contacts who could put me in touch, that would be amazing. Till soon!

~ Eugenia Manwelyan
School of Apocalypse