Conservation harmony with nature Edgeryders

Designed by Simone Muffolini and Yolande Marinica to Social Farm Fountain Buna. mailto: Rural Location, Barettino Meadows,Comune di Marmentino,Province of BresciaLombardyItaly.Biodiverso Alpine Rural Environment. Conservation Agriculture Edgeryders Directed by: Council of Europe: Council of Europe’s Action Plan for Social Cohesion Edgeryders communities:,Social Buna Fountain farm: Activities of the Farm: Conservation of native biodiversity. Education on common responsibilities. Biodynamic Permaculture. Sterile land regeneration. Seasonal and healthy Food production. Rural MantenimentoStrade, local trails. Protected springs.Forests and wild biodiversity. Dwelling houses,Nursing homes.Use of renewable energy. Solar energy and bio-fuel production. Oxygen common good by preserving and protecting. Reduction of mechanized activities, reducing the use of fossil fuels. Use of sustainable transportation and acceptable. Hay for animal feed during the winter months. Care of nurseries for native species. Family gardens. Recreation in harmony with natural rural environments. Now: current situation, we have leased PUBLIC land, in a State of almost total neglect, we would like to use it as a driving force for the restoration of conservative rural culture.The Interior of the plot, an ancient rural building, which offered a small dairy farm with maturing cellar annnessa, a barn, and stables below.The status of this property recoverable, needs internal cleaning/replacing the rotting planks has because of rain that penetrates from the roof, the roof must be changed. To allow future generations to gain good The Conventreal estate ion recognizes that the activities, heritage and cultural facilities are handicappedidentity and values, regardless of their commercial content, affirming the equal dignity ofall cultures, including those belonging to minorities and indigenous peoples. What we ask: to accessorise WELL PUBLIC housing structure dedicated to local coltore. In order to protect the area, enhancing the importance of ALPINE nature. Thank you. Simone Muffolini and Yolande Marinica

Hi my name is Simone Muffolini are a young European green worker, I need help to develop socio cultural conversion methods, stimulus participation in Community programmes in the field of Green Economics. Simone Muffolini