Consortium call of 28 April: summary of the documentation

As always a wiki, change or add whatever you feel needs to be changed or added. 

Reporting back

In the past four weeks, activity on the OpenCare project has started to take off. Some metrics:

  • 500 new comments in April, Edgeryders-wide (maybe half of them relating to OpenCare)
  • 50 new users in April, again Edgeryders-wide. Here, most are related to OpenCare, but many, as always, do not create any content.
  • 37 Challenge Responses created in April (all related to OpenCare).
  • 6,500 views of pages with the word "care" in the URL served in April. This is an underestimation of OpenCare traffic, because many pages in OpenCare do not have that word in the URL. 
  • Quite a lot of offline interest.

Edgeryders has started sending out the CountOnMe newsletter. It’s early days, but the activity seems to be picking up.

Decisions made

  • On June 21st at 15.00, during the second consortium meeting, HHS to lead a session on policy making in care. The session is intended also for people external to the consortium.
  • Metrics on the OpenCare conversation are necessary from an early stage (Moushira). Refer to objectives in the proposal (also the section called “How large is large?”). Alberto and Guy to meet separately and start working on a prototype dashboard.
  • UBx and WeMake to decide on social media channels. Also decide on what the project is going to be called: OpenCare? Op3nCare? Op3ncare?
  • Edgeryders (Nadia) to share with the consortium the visual material used to produce the first video. 
  • Alberto: no to two groups. As per Costantino's suggestion, make space for less structured interventions while staying with the challenge response schema. Noemi and Costantino to agree on the specifics.
  • Edgeryders to add the EC logo and credits to the landing page, perhaps as a footer. Other partners to add the same to their own landing pages. 
  • Improving intra-consortium communication: 
  1. Each partner to write a post every two weeks: “what we did over these two weeks”. This is to go in the OpenCare Research Group. Maybe use a naming convention: PARTNER_NAME Check-in: EXPLANATORY_TITLE. For example “Edgeryders Check-In: some problems with engagement”
  2. Community calls (open to the public) on Mondays 16.30. Join for quick chats and stuff that is not confidential. 
  3. Partners are encouraged to ask for a call when they feel they are drifting apart. 

Remaning questions

  • Can ScImpulse report on the OpenCompetition? 
  • Can ScImpulse report on the Deep Games and Simulation activity? Can it be used to convey more data to the online conversation. 

Notes from the discussion (warning: 6 pages, not very structured).

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It’s Op3nCare in all comms material incl. video

All visual materials for video available here:

It’s all under “Communication and Outreach”

compare this

and this

EU logo and credits added to the landing page

Note that I added the EU logo, not the EC one as per this guidelines document. @LuceChiodelliUB

On the landing page?

I am confused, I understood the research page would need to have official logos (that I would rather put at the top of the page).

Already there

The Research page header already has the European Commission’s logo. :slight_smile:

Luce, I do not think the header with the partner’s logos is a good fit. It was designed with the Facebook Page in mind, and it’s too narrow and thick, it consumes a lot of screen real estate.


Alberto, thanks for the update- here is the official sentence that we have to display: “This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688670”

Can you please correct it ?

Thanks !


In the landing page, which is where points to.

Me too

I understood that too, Guy. Maybe we could use the header with all the partners’ logos (see visuals post) and add the EU/EC one?

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