[Edgeryders Check-in] – UDK course, Fellowships launched, CountOnMe mails out, some housekeeping

Brief recap of what happened in the final two weeks of April:

  • The course at UDK with which we have a partnership kicked off for good (25th). This has already generated some good content; we expect students to now get in with some more interaction. Also, they are supposed to go out research some case study. 
  • Op3nCare Fellowships launched. They are an important part of the project's social contract with the community, and of its engagement strategy. A nice touch: under the unique header of "Fellowships" we now bring together both the about 20 smaller rewards (Deliverable D2.2, care of Edgeryders) and the about 3 bigger ones (Task 1.2, care of ScImpulse). Noemi and Erik are working on adding 2 extra Fellowships, dedicated to policy making and coordinated and funded by HSS.
  • The CountOnMe mailing list has started to go out to the people subscribed. We will need to wait maybe a week to evaluate the first results.
  • All this resulted in an increase of traffic and content creation on the Edgeryders website, most of it around Op3ncare. Some numbers are here.
  • Housekeeping: after the call of April 18th we realized that we needed to make an effort to clarify the engagement strategy and recap the big picture for year 1. This is now done, in the latter case with the contribution of several people from the consortium. Next week the big picture will turn into a post that can then be pushed out via CountOnMe.

Is this format OK as a bi-weekly check-in? Feel free to ask if you need more information.