Consortium Q&A

Hi everyone,

I recently received several specific questions, such as recruitment do and don’ts, question on taxes, on budget transfer.

I asked for advice our project officer, Ms. Loretta Anania, this week and wait for her reply.

As soon as we have an answer, information will be posted here for common information.

Also: the work is in progress for a budget tracking file, time sheet template, survival guide to the EC requirements - These documents will help you understand what can be done and help you monitor your expenses for the project. I will then post specific information and requests about administrative and financial monitoring. I wait for one last feedback before sharing (hopefully, very soon).

In the meantime, how about Skype meetings once a week as the projects indeed starts?

As I am working part-time on the Opencare project, I can be available on Mondays all day and Wednesdays mornings for a call - what about you all?

It would be the occasion to make a short review of the project advancement and objectives (according to the DoA), and also to discuss financial questions if necessary.

Let me know if this solution would suit you, starting next week.

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Not so often…

As I recall it, at the meeting we decided weekly meetings would be too frequent and settled for monthly ones. Is that a false memory?


@alberto - During the meeting, you first mentioned every two weeks.

Since it is now the project “real” launch, I think it might be useful to discuss on a weekly basis what is being done, what is planned at a very short-term to initiate the project - at least until mid-April (i.e. only 3 times until then, not such a big deal).

By currently working part-time on the project, I only can catch a glimpse of the current topics and things in preparation (I think I might not be the only one).

I also propose this: we can also make a distinction between project state of progress and current financial/admin questions.

I can reserve time every week for a call as I mentioned before, this time for questions on the budget and administrative issues.

My intention in that case is not to make the call last for hours, nor to make it mandatory that we call every week - the appointment would be set, in case people may need it.

If we give this alternative a go, we can then have a call every 2 weeks to make a quick overview of the project advancement for each partner.

What would suit best for everyone?

The beauty of decentralisation is we can go ahead anyway :))

You’re right Luce that we said we would have the weekly call. And it’s happening every tuesday at 16:30 to allow people to participate regardless of timezone.

Here’s the one for today:

That makes sense!

Aha. Ok, brilliant.