Content Curation Call 18/06/2019

Thanks, dear community managers for sharing the issues in your neck of the woods. We have these calls so we get the stories out to me, so I know what is happening, and I can contextualize.

From our call, one major theme stood out: that of moral and ethical leadership (thanks @nadia!). Morals and ethical leadership in the pedophile church scandal in Poland, morals and ethical leadership in the major corruption scandal by the Czech Prime Minister, and morals and ethical leadership in deteriorating larger political parties in Germany.

So, here’s an overview of what we’ve discussed, including some more admin stuff to consider:

@natalia_skoczylas mentioned a couple of new stories from Poland:

  • There are recuring topics around health, employment, young people self-employed, changing qualification, and care as well

  • A story of a man (?) with schizophrenia, who finished art studies, tried working in his profession, but couldn’t find a job, because no one wanted to hire him because of his diagnosis

  • A story of a woman with multiple sclerosis, in which she describes the problems in regular and mental health care, and the existing gaps

  • Previous interesting posts are about women’s post-natal struggle, especially those giving birth who are self-employed.

What is keeping people up at night in Poland today are: elections in October and a church pedophilia scandal, (an independent journalistic film exposed the scandal).

Fun fact: the government has been defending th church more than church has defended itself. Reason: votes.

@Jirka_Kocian explained that in the Czech Republic (or Czechia? What do we prefer?), the main topic of conversation on the streets and over a beer is the Prime Minister’s moral/corruption (major protests after corruption came to light), and to which extend this is relevant to society.

Another issues that has been growing revolves around “the layers of material gain,” as Jirka put it so poetically during our call. The socio-economic situation in the Czech republic means that, overall, people aren’t doing so bad, but they aren’t doing great either. Seeing the wealthy, makes your average joe wonder how they accumulated their cash. There’s a feeling that the poor-rich divide is increasing.

Fun fact: anti-islam rhetoric is out, anti-corruption rhetoric is in!

@MariaEuler: one of the topics that is playing its part in Maria’s neck of the woods is the ad-based internet economy community call of which yours truly also took part. But besides this amazingly interesting discussion (I’m sure notes should be online very soon), Maria also dived into the Germany related issues in the “happening right now” section of the content curation call. My main take away is that the Germans are losing more and more trust in well-established political parties/institutions, and that as a result, there’s an actual chance of having a Green Party Chancelor!

Fun fact: apparently apartment/housing rent caps are HOT topics in Berlin right now, even though it’s the cheapest place I’ve ever rented, and I live in Tbilisi!

Other things to keep in mind to push out, @noemi stressed: cultural event in brussels, june 28.

Besides these calls, quick reminder to everyone to:

  1. Fill out the spreadsheet with most interesting stories, add snapshots

  2. Compose a bi-weekly post with a summary highlightinh interesting discussions and posts (mostly for newbies and yours truly).

Thank you all for a very interesting call and looking forward to the next one!

In the mean time, @hugi - thanks for sending me the two posts you wrote last week, I’ll gladly edit them, but perhaps we should discuss what we want them to achieve (who are they for?).

@anon82932460 - lets set up a call to discuss strategy?

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The other area in which moral and ethical leadership is a hot topic is in tech.

Lots of articles out there if you look for tech + backlash + silicon valey


Free either tommorow at 11 AM or Thursday whenever it suits you

Same thing I am telling my brother who lives there, but it is really a big topic. Percentual the price went up a lot the last 15 years.

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and that is completely understandable, that people are upset. To be honest, Tbilisi is weirdly expensive, but that’s because renting is not something people really do here: they buy (post soviet, so all ownership rights transferred to the individuals after the collapse of the soviet union).

My stuff is in the spreadsheet here. You and Filip should both have access now…

I’m still waiting for the Czech event + call, but otherwise it should be fine…

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are we ok with the text draft for the event? If so, I’ll put it up, if we think the wording is too strong, I’ll edit it. @noemi @nadia @natalia_skoczylas

You are the wizzard here :slight_smile:

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Pulls out the popcorn and observes the shitstorm :smiling_imp:

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Going big today, actually the biggest case of popular discontent mobilisation since the '89 revolution Czech Republic: protesters demand prime minister's resignation | Czech Republic | The Guardian


@anon82932460 are you seeing anything with the local connector call?

This is what I got:

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