Content Curation Call 25/06/2019

We had our weekly content curation call in which community managers share with the comms team what’s going on in their neck of the woods. Here are the most important takes from that call:

@noemi started it off with the ongoing conversation in Brussels on the use of spaces, and especially a new development in which intermediary (exploitative) organizations beat the tenders. So, there’s going to be an event mapping access to these spaces and learning how negotiate better for them. There’s a good read here with some more background (in Dutch).

When it comes to POPREBEL, @noemi feels that the conversations on spirituality are moving towards an interesting direction. For @fsimonov: there’s a long posts about a Serbian girl and it kind of spoke to different people in the community, spanning across national boundaries, independent of current conversations.

From @Jirka_Kocian : I posted a nicely summarizing article discussing what’s going on the Czech Republic with the protests. Main thing in discourse currently is people in the movement wondering where they are moving towards: is it political? A bit of anti-slovak rhetoric appeared. Discussion on calling themselves the “better people” - also important. Who are “better people”? So the morality question is definitely big in it.

The plan is to post more czech content in the event we’re planning, @Jirka_Kocian will start a new thread and post it there.

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This is super useful Inge!

Here is the most active conversation in POPREBEL I was mentioning, kudos to @wlayche for opening it!!

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thanks! I’ve added a link to the story in my post as well

Hei dears,

Just to say we’re adding the new headlines in the spreadsheet here.
Any questions, shoot.