Content Curation Call TODAY (29 October) at 16.00 CET on ZOOM

During this call we’ll discuss the comms the events in Brussels and for the community-led events elsewhere in Europe more general.

In general, points to follow up on with regards to all the events:

  • What is what is the responsibility of the person organizing it
  • Is there a Facebook event for your for your activity? Make sure all relevant info is there.
  • Is there an event on Meetup?
  • Are you reaching out to Facebook groups?
  • What is the process to get local news publications to write about it?
  • Are there physical locations where communication can be put up?
  • Are people reaching out to mailing lists?
  • Have you assigned people to be responsible for the documentation of the events, the footage,etc.
  • Promote the event ALSO in the language(s) of the country where the event is held
  • mass communications approach is one thing, but personalized approach is a MUST as well

Sci-fi Economics What’s the current situation with the communications efforts? Where do we see risks and possible points of failure?

How to fix this through comms: need to unify where all the materials are and streamline communications.

  • content: people need to see that there is some background to this with interesting conversations. Sci-fi started quite some time ago with a reading group, so there’s institutional memory, interesting conversations, and we need to be able to communicate it effectively.
  • Physical flyers need to be printed to spread the word. Going out and engaging people face-to-face to join (share event at places online and offline where people look for things to do)
  • Facebook groups and online event places: share event there
  • Team needs help with:
    • writing engaging copy for outreach. Ping @inge when needed
    • Local press
  • Comms need from team:
    • snippets of good content from legacy Sci-Fi econ conversations: the reading lists, the discussions leading up to the design of the event.
  • Marketing strategy.
    • need to prepare different communication materials, different adaptations on the flyer we need to talk to copywriters to do this properly.

      • target people living in Brussels, in three different languages to:
        • attend the event
        • Crowd fund
      • Target europe/US in English to:
        • Increase live-streaming audience
        • Crowd fund campaign

Edgeryders Festival

  • Design: We need to have a designer on retainer who can produce and adapt the visual materials, flyers, posters:

    • We need to talk to the graphic designer who originally produced them
  • Outreach:

    • each one of these events has to have a Facebook with registration link to festival event
    • populate the feed of the Facebook event with registration, status updates, interesting content, etc to engage people
    • Organizers invite “experts” to the platform and introduce them to @inge for an interview
    • Organizers answer questions from people who want to come to their event about the event on FB and other platforms
    • Organizers invite their friends and networks to the event
    • Organizers print flyers for the event (will be reimbursed)
    • The digital version of the flyers will be used by comms team (we need to ahve them organized all in one place)
  • Community Managers:

    • onboard people to Edgeryders platform who sign up to events and point to the relevant events or conversations that are happening on the platform
    • Update doc with good quotes with key content:
      • Quotes
      • Snippets

If you have anything to add, let me know. Looking forward seeing you all!

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These weekly calls are where the Edgeryders communication crew coordinates the work of supporting project teams, community managers, fellows and community members to get the word out and engage people in the exciting work everyone is doing.

They happen Tuesdays at 16.00 CET on ZOOM here:


Heads up: there is a Deep Dive call scheduled for 17.00.

sorry, was meant to change the time!

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Perfect, will be there!! Thanks for adjusting the time…much appreciated.
If you host them at 16 from now on maybe there’s no need to reschedule ours @ilaria


We have been asked to reschedule our calls because at 5PM it’s too late for people in Greece and Cyprus, but at least today we are safe :slight_smile:


See you there

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