Conversation Overview 13th of May 2020: Strange Solaces

Hello, dear community,

Last week conversations started to come up around new and classical topics of our community which are not any more reactions to the COVID crisis and more explorations of those topics which we would have cared about either way with the current crisis in the background.

A good place to start and to reflect past, present and future of this community is probably this post by our co-founder @alberto, about how edgeryders has been a strange solace in diverse storms:

In a similar vein, a collection of all-time favourite edgeryders stories has started here. Make sure to check them out and add yours:

On a very human level we again reconnected with some old friends:

And started sharing music and art suggestions for coping with the confinement blues:

@Leonie has added some extremely interesting Interviews to the IHO category:

  • This one deals with the politics of/in algorithms:
  • This one explores the effects of linguistic software like translation programs in the loop with human speech.

As mentioned last week, Edgeryders is cooking up an online summit we are sure will interest many of you:

The Resilient Livelihoods Online Summit:

How to make a living, do meaningful work, be resilient in crisis but also with your mental health are topics we have identified as extremely important for our community and society as a whole.

Therefore we will have an online summit in late May and early June where people, problem owners, experts and hackers (most of the time anyone is multiple of those;)) can come together for meaningful conversations in multiple calls focusing on different topics and questions surrounding the Livelihood topology and end with concrete calls to action.

You can see a sneak peek of the summit in preparation here:

This here is a good post to get the picture on how the event will look like and a good example combining the topic of livelihood and healthcare:

I would like to invite you to add your opinion/experience towards the phenomenon of paid duct-taping vs unpaid creation work in this thread introduced with an excerpt from David Graeber’s book “Bullshit Jobs”. We would like to address this topic during the summit if you show interest :):

Always feel encouraged to share your own stories and ideas. We were happy to add them to the summit for example.

How are you currently making a “live”? And what does that mean for you?