Conversation Overview 27th of May 2020: Asking questions

Dear community,

Here a short overview of some of the currently ongoing conversations. Last week the community has returned to some of the key questions of the Next Generation Internet debate.

Does Alexa have linguistic authority? is the question asked in this interview with DR. Britta Schneider. The discussion follows to explore AI translation. How have those touched your live, what are your theories regarding how AI influences language and vice versa?

Could COVID lead to the second coming of big tech? Join us in the discussion of how the crisis has affected tech giants, powerstructures and “remote work class” perception. How could remote work and internet development be more independent from big tech? Do you have examples?

Nice graph, but how did you get there, and what does it tell us? DeLab has create large trove of data on COVID-19, which seems to hold important knowledge if we could just unlock it. So, we propose an experiment. Join us on the 3rd of June for an online webinar to discuss and interpret COVID-19 data together.

Please feel free to already explore DeLab’s website and post or bring any questions you wanted to ask data experts directly in the last few months to the thread above or directly to the webinar!

“How can we make a live(lihood)?” Is the question we are asking for our Summit this autumn:

The full summit will take place in September and October, but you can already get involved in proposing or shopping sessions. You can find the preliminary program here :

In June and July, we are going to have a few Pre-summit listening sessions. The first one is happening next week and going to be extremely tasty and essential. It asks for community-oriented solitons for food businesses challenged by the current crisis.

Please also have a look at threads like this one in preparation for summit events:

Which asks: How can we have meaningful work instead of Bullshit jobs?”

And finally a very hands-on question from our community member @erik_lohnroth: “Do you want to be my website developer”. A concrete job opportunity to strengthen the community:

Thank you very much great to have you here. Looking forward to your thoughts next week :slight_smile:

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ping @Heshanij, @marina here the weekly overview. Go up usually on Wednesdays. What is the platform handle of Marcus?

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It’s @Markus_D. We are having the outreach TF call today and we’ll have a chat about this. My idea is in addition to the pings on the platform also send these updates which can be used for the newsletter (or other purposes) via e-mail.

Thanks Maria! Just to say that these are really great. Also written up in a nicely accessible format, which makes it easier to work into our newsletter. Looking forward to your future updates!


Yes, I think so too.