My community looking for a website developer

I live in a small community in Sweden and we have a small association (community, ngo) which is trying to make life exciting with various activities close to us.

We have now a budget to create a website, but need a web developer to help us create it and maintain it. Ideally creating some sort of collaboration with Edgeryders around this.

I want to contract someone affiliated with ederyders to develop and strengthen the community.

I will be your project lead together with a woman from my community.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested or know someone that feel up for getting payed and at the same time develop a site with the values of edgeyriders, open source, inclusion, collaboration and generally good stuff.

@MariaEuler @nadia @hugi


great! I had a quick look at and could not yet find a developer, but that’s not because there are none, there are many, we have not yet asked them specifically to add to the register there :). So let’s do that :slight_smile:

And of course we can ask some people directly and ping them on this post

@nirgal I think I saw something on linkedin about you being on the market for some coding work?

maybe also put it on the weekly list for Stefano to get out there?

Hi, yes I’m available atm.
Looks like a project I’d be glad to contribute to, feel free to pm me so we can discuss details.


Sweet @nirgal!

Let’s talk about it and then try to connect this with edgeyriders!

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added to the outreach list, but without the #ngi4eu, since this is a general community matter, correct? should we add #makingaliving or #hiring or such?

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put in all the hashtags? :))

Didnt know that one! Unfortunately, clicking “join” will also do nothing for me.

Hallo @felix.wolfsteller and @MariaEuler we didn’t talk about the freelancers thing yet because there is still some coding to put in the finishing touches. Our intention is to turn it into a trusted network for finding skilled people - we already get requests for recommending people for paid work. We could scale this up to make it a go-to place to share and look for opportunities. We need help with three things to get it up and running.I think 1-2 days of work in total?

  1. Finish the last bit of coding (maybe 1 day of work for someone with Vue.Js skills to finish the form (we are missing some things like making it include:

    • Field for developers to add their programming skills (languages, front-end/backend, profficency level, samples
    • Field for people to signal what kind of availability they have
    • Fields for people to mention what/ who they have worked with in the community before (adding user handles)
  2. Some help from @Matthias to make the form directly talk to the platform (right now the information goes into an airtable, and then is uploaded onto the platform via a script that @owen wrote.

  3. Write a nice invitation email for people to add themselves to the directory and send to everyone in the extended Edgeryders network.

If anyone has a little time to help here is the github repo:

Very cool. As a seasoned programmer this sounds like more work than what it sounds like ™. Been there, done that.
:slight_smile: But very happy to inscribe myself once its donw.