Cooperation at Scale, Next Generation Collective Intelligence and Internet!

From Competition to Cooperation. Hear about tech that matters.

Organizer: @lylycarrillo
Co-organizer: DigitYser, Edgeryders
Location: DigitYser, Boulevard d’Anvers 40, 1000 Brussels
Language: English

About this Event

“Breakthroughs in our capacities to communicate and coordinate restructure society. Language birthed culture and hunter-gatherer tribes. Writing forged kingdoms and agriculture-age empires. Printing enabled nations and industrial-age economies. The Internet launched a new restructuring of society, but is constrained by computing tech designed for centralized control. Learning from nature’s blueprints, Ceptr provides an evolvable, fully distributed framework for coordination and sense-making on all scales.” Arthur Brock

“If we are to preserve the democratic and creative promise of the Internet, we must continuously diagnose control points as they emerge and devise mechanisms of recreating diversity of constraint and degrees of freedom in the network to work around these forms of reconcentrated power.” Yochai Benkler

Each of us wants to have control over how and with whom we interact. In order to evolve and thrive, our communities must support everyone’s uniqueness. Yet today, our online relationships are dominated by centralized corporate web sites.

In this event, you will learn about some peer-to-peer projects based on blockchain and holochain technologies that enable a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. Data is about remembering our lived and shared experiences. Distributing the storage and processing of that data can change how we coordinate and interact. With digital integration under user control, these technolgies liberate our online lives from corporate control over our choices and information.

Come and hear about Collaboration, Collective Intelligence and Next Generation Internet technologies that facilitate this to happen!

Schedule and Content:

09:00 am - Registration, coffee and networking

09:30 am - Welcome words, data and collective intelligence. By Liliana Carrillo

09:45 am - Keynote: Decentralized cooperation at Scale. By Michel Bauwens

10:15 am - E-Women, safer access to e-democracy. By Anna Melenchuk

10:30 am - Global border-less democracy, Open Source. By Paula Berman

10:45 am - Panel: Intelectual Property for Collaboration. How to protect your ideas and inventions from theft? With Alain Souloumiac, Dick Van Gelder, Elena Bachert, Reinhard Dhondt Moderator: Philippe Van Impe

11:45 am - Coffee/tea break - Networking

12:15 am - Holochain Meetup: Introduction and Q&A. By Raphi See.

12:45 am - Closing words & networking

13:00 pm - Doors close.

Who will attend the event?

Who will follow the live-streaming of the event?

Purpose of the event

  • Bring people together to hear how the Artificial Intelligence in the hands of the GAFA group has led us to the centralization of data and therefore centralization of power that is affecting our democracy at global scale.
  • Create awareness of recent technological developments that have the potential to decentralize the internet, protect our privacy/data, create transparency and openness for inclusive collaboration at scale and therefore create a collaborative decision making system.
  • Teach the basics of several open source technologies (Holochain, Democracy.Earth, E-Women) to the Open Source community in Brussels, and invite them, active them to shape these technologies for a better Europe.
  • Discuss how Intellectual Property may need to change to enable a collaborative Internet to happen, and facilitate the creation of open knowledge (open source, white/green papers) with respect for the authors while enabling collaboration to scale.
  • Facilitate networking between different actors for collaborative projects around raising technological and social opportunities.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an invitation/ticket to this workshop?

Get your entrance ticket at: ERROR

At the venue, we will register on Edgeryders’ platform to share our learning, questions:

How is this event being organised?

This event, and the festival it is part of, is coordinated on the edgeryders platform (where you are now) and co-curated through a series of community video calls. We have allocated a collaboratively managed budget for the festival and operate on a solidarity basis. Participants who need some financial support to organise or be able to participate in the festival are eligible provided they contribute towards making it a meaningful and generative experience for all - in the run up to, during and/or after the event. If you would like to join us but are unsure as to how to contribute, don’t worry. Create an edgeryders account , then tell us a bit about yourself here and we will guide you along from there.

How is this all financed?

This event is part of the NGI Forward project Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, launched by the European Commission in the autumn of 2016. It has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 825652 from 2019-2021. You can learn more about the initiative and our involvement in it at

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Does getting involved mean I endorse the funders views or actions?

No. What you are doing is contributing to an open consultation on the topic of how to build a next generation of internet infrastructure, technologies, business models etc that promotes the wellbeing of humans and the natural environment. The consultation methodology is designed in such a way as to allow for diversity of views, premises, disciplines, themes and contexts. We employ open notebook science principles and the results will be presented in the form of a research report accessible to everyone after the event. You can follow the process, review the methodology and open source tech we are using and engage directly with the research and coordination team here:

What is the code of conduct?

It is important to us that everyone in the room feels welcomed and safe; if you have any particular concerns or needs just send me a PM here on the platform or write to .

The Edgeryders online platform technology and activities are intended for people to cooperate within and across projects trying to build a better world. The word “better” has here a fairly broad range of meaning. These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of Edgeryders. Don’t forget that your use of Edgeryders is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

What happens with my data?

You can read about our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy here. Also:


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Soenke Zehle

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Here you find a bio:
Liliana Carrillo is a Co-Founder of the European Digital Development Alliance and R&D Manager at the Institute of Innovative Governance and active member of the community for Decentralized and Distributed Governance DGOV. International speaker on several tech topics, TEDx speaker on liquid democracy, passionate about the decentralization of power, and technologies that support us to self-organize in a variety of ways, upgrading the way we collaborate, and decide collectively. Computer science engineer with a masters diploma in artificial intelligence, distributed systems and business, and background in education and social work. Ambassador of several tech/social movements: Happiness movement, Democracy.Earth, Agile Learning Centers, European Network for Democratic Education, Human Swarming, and Holochain.

I have several other versions here

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For the attendees and people interested on joining this conversation, it will be very useful to know the answers to the following questions:

1. Tell us about yourself? What are you working on and why are you at this event?

2. When did something related to the internet last make you hopeful or happy?

3. When did something related to the internet last make you upset, afraid or angry?

Thanks, will add it :slight_smile:

For those not yet registered, you can also just fill in this form instead, with some questions that will make an introduction post for you automatically :):

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Promotional links:
LinkedIn: Liliana Carrillo on LinkedIn: With outstanding experts: Michel Bauwens, Anna Melenchuk, Alain…
I did also facebook but I cannot find the link to the post.

@lylycarrillo, updated the flyer. Find the files here:

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Hi @MariaEuler
Small correction to my bio here: Could you please copy the following?
Ambassador of several educational, social and tech movements: Happiness movement, Democracy.Earth Foundation, Agile Learning Centers, European Network for Democratic Education, Human Swarming, and Holochain.

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Will do tomorrow morning or later tonight

Livestreaming at several channels:

Hi @lylycarrillo, I missed this event.

Is the video available for viewing now?

Hi @MariaEuler
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sure, sorry slipped through the cracks. is updated now: Liliana Carrillo.

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Hi @MariaEuler, this is the message I have sent to the attendees of the event via eventbrite.

Dear all,

Thanks for attending the event ‘Cooperate at Scale’ that took place last Sunday. Thanks for your active participation, for your questions, your comments, the networking and talking that happened, and in general for your great contributions. Very grateful to have counted with you, on site, and online.

Even though there is room for improvement, I feel happy to have taken the step to organize this first event in a series of events, and I feel satisfied with the quality of the content shared and also with the ‘quality’ of the audience. I feel honored to have attracted such a interesting people like you! Thanks!

To organize the next event even better, and in co-creation with you, I would like you to join the Edgeryders platform, the place where the conversations about the next events will happen. I will also share the presentations and video recording of the event on the platform. Join it here: Cooperation at Scale, Next Generation Collective Intelligence and Internet!

Please share your comments about the event, your learning. All comments are welcome, the critical ones too! :slight_smile: Let’s shape together the content of the coming events by answering some of the suggested questions, or by sharing freely what you feel of value.

  • Tell us about yourself. What are you working on, and why were you at the ‘Cooperate at Scale’ event?

  • What have you learned at the event? Is there something new you heard? Something that you liked? disliked?

  • What would you like to learn more in deep at a next event?

  • Do you know possible sponsors for future events? volunteers that may want to help us?

  • Do you think that people may want to bring food to share for a next time? Peer-to-peer talks and Potluck gathering?

Feel free to also invite other people to the platform, and forward this email, so we shape together the content of the future events.

Feel free to send me an email too! Looking forward to keeping in touch with you!

Warm regards,

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Great. Thanks so much @lylycarrillo